Emotion Code

A Tool to Harness More Information

After I had been doing EFT for awhile a friend suggested I read The Emotion Code. 

Emotion CodeThat book is what really helped me see how I could easily access what it is people need to release. The book was mind blowing and I started practicing and was amazed.  I loved that it was so much quicker than EFT.

It would get right to the emotions that need to be released and it was easy to release them!

Best Book to Start With

This is now the first book I recommend to people when they are interested in learning more about Energy Work.  You can buy it on Amazon or you can download an e-book version for free here.

This was also the first book that really taught me how to do self muscle testing.

It is a great book for learning how to do energy work in your own family if you are interested.  Or even just to learn more about energy work and get a better understanding how it is so effective.