How about you, is time weird for you too? 

Should we just not count 2020 as a year? 

Pretend it never existed?

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Maybe it didn’t exist!

It almost feels like it doesn’t exist on whatever weird world I am living in. 

But I do have a 2020 calendar with a lot of erased things we had to cancel.

But also a lot of things on my calendar in colored pens we did do! 

So even though it feels different, I will keep 2020.  It was 12 months that did happen. 

I don’t know about you, but the last 9 months have moved in a very different time realm.  Days could seem to last weeks.  Weeks could move quickly like a day, or slowly like a month.  Or both at the same time.  It is super confusing. 

Christmas is almost here!

What freaks me out is that Christmas is almost here and it literally feels like Christmas was 2 months ago!

My mind is a little bit boggled by it all.

I am about to start next years calendar and don’t know what to do.  I usually love taking time in December to plan out the next year.  I literally have a list of questions I go through each year, reviewing the past year and planning the next and it used to be so fun.

Now I am so conflicted.  Is it even worth making plans for next year?

Do I put our ski week on there?  What about the big choir trip to France in June?  Or will it be sad if I have to erase it??

Use the AWARE tool to help me handle my feelings about calendaring for 2021

I guess if I take a moment to be AWARE about this question I can figure it out.

Aware – spinning about writing plans on 2021 calendar. 

Wonder – be curious.  I wonder why I am spinning about that?  Of course that makes me spin, it was sad each month to have to erase plans.  I know writing things down mean I might have to erase them. What would I like to happen?  I would like all the plans I write down to happen.

Accept – be kind, it is OK you are spinning.  I am human, of course I feel this way.  Just allow myself to feel it. Maybe even accept that I was sad  this year and I survived.  IT wasn’t fun, but it was OK.

Respond –How can you respond to this situation intentionally. keeping in mind what you want to create.  I want to create fun experiences next year.  I want to stay in faith and hope.  I want to make plans.  I believe in the power of visualization and hope, so I want to respond from that place.  Also knowing if there is disappointment, that will be ok too.

Exercise (faith, patience, agency) – I am going to choose to write in pencil our hoped for plans.  Execute  I will do it, even my end of the year routine I do and the planning for the next year routine.  Do it with what I WANT To create.   Evaluate  – while I do it I will evaluate and accept how I am feeling and when I am done I will process how things went. 

How has time felt for you in 2020?

Want my list of questions?

Contact me and I will email them to you. I am in the process of getting them typed up and pretty, but until then I am happy to send you a copy.

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