Muscle Testing 101

Muscle testing is a technique to ask your body/subconscious yes/no questions. This can be done in different ways. I think it’s easier to see it than to explain it, so please watch this video of demonstrations.

Finding Answer for Physical Symptoms

When your body has a problem, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out what is really going on. You may have different symptoms and typically, care providers go through the list of symptoms and narrow down what may be causing it. Then they often need to run tests, take x-rays, etc., to confirm what it is. Your body already knows what is wrong and what is causing the issue.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to ask your body what is going on? With muscle testing you are able to do just that.

Mysterious Rash

I had a friend whose daughter had developed a mysterious rash on her face. She brought her to the Dr. and her naturopath. No one could figure it out. The creams they gave her were not helping. I muscle tested her and the answer that came up was Carpeting. That was the answer. Her daughter had been coming in her room in the middle of night and falling back asleep on the floor. They put down a sleeping bag and the rash went away.

Finding Answers for Emotional Symptoms

Muscle Testing can also help if you are struggling with an emotional issue. There are often underlying patterns, beliefs or memories of past experiences that can cause emotional stress.

Your subconscious mind already knows what is wrong and what is causing the issue. By consciously identifying and releasing these patterns and feelings you can heal faster Muscle testing bridges the gap between your conscious and subconscious mind.

Anxiety Falling Asleep

My son was having trouble falling asleep. He was feeling a lot of anxiety. He asked me to muscle test and see what came up. I was able to identify terror and that it had occurred in the past 2 weeks. He realized it was from a scary movie he had watched. Using energy work I was able to release that emotion, and his anxiety was gone and he was able to fall asleep easily.