News App on iPhone can be Dangerous

I learned that when you upgrade to the new ios on your iphone/ipad it will put a news app on it.  Seems harmless and it could be depending on how it is used.

Looks harmless, but is it?

warning for parentsHowever it can be a portal to p*rn.

Even if you have other restrictions set, you can do a search in this app and it acts as a web browser.  For some reason (I am guessing since it is through the app), the other restrictions I have set won’t catch it, so you can search for anything and it will pop up.  My Circle by Disney doesn’t catch it either.

Ugh, I guess it is a good thing I decided to test that app out to see what it can do.  Just FYI, Instagram and Twitter apps are similar, they have search functions that allow you to search for anything and it acts as a browser within the app.

So what can you do?

Use Restrictions to turn off the news app.  That way no one can access it.