Essential Oils

Essential Oils are a wonderful way to help you Enjoy Life!

I have been using Essential Oils for the last 6 years. I use them for myself and my family and have shared them with so many other people from my friends, to clients to strangers I meet at the store. Everyone who has tried them has loved them!

Modern Medicine?

I combine essential oils with modern medicine.  For instance when Devon broke his arm and jaw in a mountain biking accident.  He went to the hospital and had surgery.  I used oils in the hospital as he was healing.  I put Oregano and a healing blend of oils on the bottom of his feet to help support his immune system.  I continued to do this as he healed.  After the stitches were out, I put oils that support healthy skin to help lessen the scarring.  He wasn’t very helpful with that, because he actually thought his scars were cool.  But whenever he let me I would put some oil on it.

I use essentials oils on a regular basis to support my families health.  From our immune system, to our digestive system and for my Rob, I make sure we use oils to help his respiratory system.  I also have found that oils are very helpful in  emotional healing and release as well.   Both with my family and my clients I use oils for this.

After Devon was kidnapped in Mexico, before he was even home my friend came over and while I was handling it pretty well, she got out my calming oil blend and said, “Smell this and put some on!”  I did and it got me even more grounded.  In the chaos and overwhelm I hadn’t even thought of getting my oils out.  But I felt an immediate difference.

*Free Sample – for those New to Essential Oils

If you haven’t tried essential oils and are interested in learning more.  I am happy to connect you with my oil loving friends to see what may be a good sample for you.

Contact Me and we can determine the best sample for you.  If you promise to try it and give me some feedback, then I will send it out to you.  *I have gotten so much interest, that I am handing off distributing the oils to some of my oil loving friends. 

*to offset the shipping fees we will request $3.00 for the shipping of the free sample.