When I was a newlywed, it confused me so much when Rob would ask me where the bandaids were.  The first few times it made sense.  But after showing him 5 times where the bandaids were. I was irritated when he asked.

It was only after I figured out, he wasn’t just asking where the bandaids were, he was wanting some love and attention because he got hurt.  That I was able to respond to the question with kindness and love. 

25 years later and he still asks where the bandaids are.  Thank goodness I figured out what he really was asking for so many years ago.

What is a question someone asks you over and over again? Try using the AWARE tool to see if you can figure out what they are really asking

  • Aware – Notice they are asking the question. 
  • Wonder  – Why are they really asking this.  What do they really want or need?
  • Accept – accept my irritation, of course I was irritated when I thought it was this…. Accept what they really are asking, of course they would want this.
  • Respond – Keeping in mind what I want to create, how can I respond next time they ask this?
  • Evaluate – How did it go?

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