Maybe only pjs can be a 10

I have been decluttering my closet and decided to go through my many many pairs of yoga and sweatpants.  There were some that I didn’t really love and decided to try each pair on, wear them for at least and hour and then rate them.

It was amazing how many were 5 or under, there were quite a few at a 7 and 1 ranked an 8 and 1 ranked a 9.

I was really hoping for a 10, but nope, none were a 10

I wondered, what would make a pair of pants a 10?

After pondering, I came up with, if I could wear it all day and not feel the need to take it off, indeed I could sleep comfortably in them it would equal a 10.

Hmm, that sounds like my pajama pants!

Maybe only pjs can be a 10.

Sadly, it is no longer an option to wear pajamas to work or school.  The only good thing of covid quarantine time.

So, I bought 2 more pairs of my pants that ranked a 9. 

I gave away all the ones 6 and under.

To be honest I pretty much only wear the ones I ranked a 9 now.

And I have slept in them once.  So maybe 9s can become 10s when you wear them long enough?

Tool for the week? 

When you are ranking things 1 to 10, determine what they each stand for.

It will help you to figure out what it is you actually want!