Sometimes Going Backwards, Is Actually Moving Forward

When Devon, our oldest child, had to move back home a few years ago, it felt a little bit like going backwards to us, and I’m sure it felt that way for him too. But in reality, it was helping him to move forward to a greater and healthier independence.

Now he’s living in a different state, working and doing college classes, and when his lease runs up, he might move back home for a period of time.  This time I’ll be able to see more easily that it’s just a step forward. It isn’t moving backwards at all. It might feel like it, but it’s not.

I’m about to do something that feels like moving backwards, but it’s exciting and actually is moving forward.

I’m so excited to announce that I’m changing my podcast name again.

I was feeling a little too boxed in by calling my podcast Parenting Challenging Children.

I feel like when my podcast was called Finding Joy in the Journey, that definitely helped parents with challenging children.

I had switched to Parenting Challenging Children because, all the experts say you need to niche down. I guess there is truth to that, but what I realized is that I have plenty of one-on-one clients and I had enough students in my last mental fitness bootcamp that I actually had to divide them into two classes.

My podcast is not so much about finding new clients or students, though some have indeed found me this way.

Really the intention of my podcast is to create an awesome free resource that I can share with my current clients and future clients, and it just feels more fun to have the freedom to share anything about finding joy in the journey.

Finding Joy Where You Think You Can’t

For example, I shared my tips on finding joy in your colonoscopy. That definitely would not have fit under parenting challenging children. But I loved making that post and podcast, and it has helped a lot of people find more joy where they thought there couldn’t be any.

I promise I will still share a lot of tools that can help you if you have children with challenges, and let’s be honest, all kids have challenges, and I will share tools that will help you find hope and healing through the journey of your.

I need to keep doing what I love to do

and saying what I love to say.

And that is sharing tools and tips so that you can find more joy in your journey.

So, thanks for supporting me as I played with changing my podcast focus, and also as I go backwards to move forward.