7 Easy Steps to Change Your Stories so you can Change Your Life!

Today we are going to talk about the Stories we tell our self and how they hurt or help us.

Do you notice that you are telling yourself stories all day long?  Stories about your choices, what other people are doing, you name it.

For instance, if my husband doesn’t do the dishes at night like he said he will, I will often tell myself the story of “He doesn’t love me.” In the morning when I see the sink full of dishes.   

Ahh, that is not a good story to tell myself.  But what can I do to change it? 

Here are 7 steps to Change the Stories you are telling yourself

  • AWARE – Be aware of the story you are telling.
  • EVALUATE – Pause and evaluate – do I like this story? How does it make me feel? Is the story true?
  • CHOOSE – Do I want to choose a new story?
  • CREATE – What is a neutral or positive story I could tell myself instead?
  • FEEL – How does the new story make me feel?
  • PRACTICE – Practice telling it before hand
  • USE IT – Tell the new positive story it in the moment

So how could I use this tool with the dishes story and more importantly how can you use this tool to help you change your stories?

Listen to today’s podcast to find out!

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