Our family is choosing to self-quarantine or “self-preserve” as we like to call it. So I was praying and asking God how I can still serve others while being at home.

He said it was time to start teaching online classes again. 🙂

I had taken a few months off to start writing The Mexico Miracle. I was excited to start teaching again.

Classes started this week and I decided our first class would be Staying Calm and Grounded with the Excitement of Covid 19.

I recorded it and am sharing it here for everyone.

Enjoy these tools to help in this interesting time.

I talk about MPoWeR in the video and don’t explain in in detail because in this particular class it was to people who are taking my next level class Hardwired for Happy (which is for returning students only)

So briefly here is the information –

  • M = Meditation
  • P = Prayer
  • O = Others
  • W = Writing in Journal
  • E = Exercise
  • R = Read Scriptures

Want to sign up for Essentials to Enjoy Life?

Also if you want to sign up for Essentials to Enjoy Life the class that lays the foundation to help you Enjoy Life regardless of what is going on around you, you still can until March 24th.

Sign up for free (normally $197), because I want to offer it as a Pay What You Can in this exciting time. So you pay nothing to sign up and each class I will tell you how you can pay if you can, if you can’t it is free. 🙂

Just click here to learn more!

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