Ladies, I have been a little MIA. But it is because instead of teaching and blogging these last few months, I have been focusing on an amazing class I am taking.

I have been prompted to write a book about The Mexico Miracle.

The story of when our then 16-year-old Devon was kidnapped in Mexico, the miracles that brought him home and all our family has learned from that experience.

However, I have not taken the time to write it. It was something I kept putting off and putting off. Well, my friend Connie Sokol teaches classes. I was intrigued by the one Balance reDefined Professional, to be an author, speaker and social meda personality. I talked with her and knew it would help me to actually get this book written.

I also always had the dream to be a public speaker, so I was excited to learn about that as well.

I started the class in January and have been super focused on getting that work done. I am all in, I cancelled a class I was supposed to teach and have been writing and writing and writing.

I finished my rough, rough draft, all 41,000 words of it. Wow, that was a lot of work. But it feels good.

I have it out to my alpha reader – thanks Valerie!

My goal is to have it finished by the 6 year anniversary. Stay tuned for updates!

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