2 Second Prayers can be as powerful as 5 minute prayers.  Sometimes we think we need to stop and kneel to really pray.   However there are experiences when we don’t have time to do that.

I call it Praying in the Moment.

So if something comes up and you could use God’s help – just Call Out to Him – “Help Me.”

I do this for big and little things.  For example, in Trader Joe’s I see Peppermint Joe Joe’s (Mint Oreo’s for those without Trader Joe’s).  I pray, “Help me not buy those!”  I seriously need God’s help to not purchase them, because I know if I do I will eat the whole box and me and my family will suffer.

Today look for a moment to give a 2 second prayer.  When something comes up and you need some extra support… Call out for help!  

Daniel 9:23 “as soon as you began to pray, a word went out…”

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