My AppsAt the end of my Energy Work session I typically ask, “Heavenly Father, is there anything else you want ____ to know?”

If the answer is yes, He almost always – (95% of the time) leads me to a Scripture.

So I go to my Scripture App on my Phone and Muscle Test to find a Scripture/Hymn/Talk for the person.


I use 2 apps in tandem.  Gospel Library and LDS Citation App (which is the most amazing – scripture study changing app ever.)

I go to the Gospel Library App and see this.IMG_6002

I then use muscle testing to find these answers.

  • What row – A, B, C, D.
  • If I test row A – then I ask Scripture/Jesus Christ/Notes
  • In my example for this post I will go to the Scriptures/New Testament.
  • Then I ask which book it is in.
  • John..  Then I test which chapter.
  • John 4.  Then I ask which verse/s.
  • John 4:22-23.  This is the first “gift”
  • Then I ask, is there more?

If yes, there is more – I go to the LDS Citation App.


IMG_6007        IMG_6008


I find the book and chapter, then find the verses.  In this case there are a few choices, so I would muscle test which to go to.  I actually tested strong on both the JST and the 4:23.  So I have these 2 screens.

Then one there is only 1 talk for the JST one  and for verse 23 I muscle test to determine which one to share.


IMG_6011 IMG_6010

The Sharing Scripture

John 4:22-23 and also the talk October 1971 McConkie, How to Worship and October 1962 O’McKay The Gospel and the Individual.

So this would be homework/gift for the person I am working with.

Sometimes I am led to a Hymn, sometimes I am led to a manual. Sometimes I might feel prompted to find a specific paragraph in a talk.  But usually I let them have the experience of reading the whole thing and finding their message within it.

Sometimes what I find makes no sense to me, but almost always it does to the person who I am finding it for.

You can do this for yourself.  🙂

If you muscle test than do it that way.

If you don’t, then pray and ask God – where do you want me to look?  And follow the spirit each step of the way.

Some people will just let their scriptures fall open and find one that way.

If you are interested in having me find a scripture/talk for you, I am offering this to you for $1.

Just make sure that you have the correct e-mail in paypal that you want me to send your scripture to.  🙂

More tips for Scripture Study

I have a video on other tips for scripture study here.


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