Whenever I fill my water filtering pitcher, I take that 45 seconds to meditate.  I have to fill it at least once a day, so in the middle of my day I get to sneak in this short but sweet meditation time.

As the water pitcher fills, I breathe in and out to a positive mantra.

It might be

“I am grateful for running water.”


“I have plenty of time to do the things that are important to me.”

Some other great activities to meditate to are

– Doing Dishes

– Sweeping

– Folding Laundry

– Pumping Gas

You notice it doesn’t have to be something you physically still for.  Sometimes it is nice to grab moments in time to meditate, even if you are “doing” something else.


Sing “I am a Child of God” and imagine the steps of grounding and shielding as you sing!

Set your timer and

Using your finger movements – with a NEW MANTRA

Peace (breathing in for about 4 beats)

Pause (2,3,4)

Be (2 beats) Still (2 beats)

Pause (2,3,4)

Repeat until your timer dings!


During the day find a moment to meditate while “filling the pitcher” (whatever that looks like for you).  This is a fun time to play around with different mantras! 

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