I have had friends and clients asking me for years to teach them how to do energy work.

(I actually created a notebook back in 2013 and made 4 copies to give to friends.)

Energy Work can help us to Enjoy Life more.

I recently felt inspired that it was time to create a modality again, I prayed to see what it should include.  I was prompted to write down a list of things.  Then I got my old modality out and realized that it even had more than what I had put on the list!

I realized how easy it would be to take what I had created in 2013 and take a few things out, add 2 or 3 things that I use in most of my sessions, to create a complete, yet simple energy modality I could teach.  I literally pulled everything together in 2 days.  I shared it with 3 friends and got their feedback, made a few changes and I am ready to share with the world!  🙂

There are so many great modalities out there!  Why create another one?

Great question.  There are amazing programs out there.  I have taken over 15 Energy Healing trainings since 2010 and have loved them all.  Most of them were very costly and very detailed.  Since I am an energy worker and people pay me to do work on them, I have the funds to pay for these trainings and all those details are very useful as I work with people with many different and often complex issues.  So for me it is well worth the money and time.
Most people wanting to take a training don’t need that depth and don’t have the funds to pay over a certain amount.

I have found over my years of doing energy work on people I use just a handful of things over and over again.  Many of these modalities are great for deeper issues, but for most issues that you and your families face, a simpler version is sufficient.

In fact, I found with my friends who would take trainings with me, many of them would feel overwhelmed afterward and not use what they had learned.  (Often going back to the modality I had created for them years ago.)

One of my gifts is simplifying things.  Another one of my gifts is teaching.  So I want to use these gifts to share with you what I have found to be the most useful tools.

Who is this class for?

This class is geared towards people who are familiar with energy work and want to learn how to do it on themselves and their family.

It would be great if you already know how to muscle test, but if you don’t that is OK.

I have it set up so that you can do the modality fits on 2 sheets of paper.  Though there will be a small workbook to refer to with some more details.

How much will it cost?

I want to make it very affordable.  An online only format will run around $100.  (Coming soon!  Please click here if you are interested so I can send out the information once it is up and running.)

The live version will be around $250 to help with travel costs and to cover the time away from my family.  (Let me know if you are interested in hosting a class in your area.)

Join the First Live Class Here!

I am having my first live class starting March 24th in Orange County CA.   If you are local and interested in coming, sign up below.  I am only charging $100 for this first class, as it is the “test class.”  If you can only make it to the first Friday, let me know, I can talk to you about options.   😉

The first class will be 9-5 on Friday March 24th.  Then 2 weeks later we will have the second class Friday April 7th, 9-5.  This will allow you time to practice what you learned in the first class and feel comfortable before the second class.

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