I think for most of us our mind is really easy to “hear”.   Indeed my mind can be so loud it is hard for me to hear my body or spirit.

It was my non-stop mind that made me think I couldn’t meditate. How could I sit and be still and have no thoughts for 5 minutes?

I learned that I will always have thoughts.

If I am not having thoughts I am dead.  

I also learned that I am not my thoughts.  That thoughts are just things, they aren’t ME.

I believe in the power of thoughts and I work hard to have positive thoughts.  But if I have a negative thought – it isn’t ME.  It is just a thought and it is possible I didn’t even create the thought.  So releasing judgement and letting it float on by, takes away the power of it.

So I choose to intentionally focus on the thoughts I WANT to have and don’t allow other thoughts to have too much power.

The key to dealing with so much mind chatter during meditation is Awareness – I can choose to see that thought, acknowledge it and let it just float away.

When thoughts come into my mind, it is OK.  I just almost see it like a cloud holding a thought and I just let it float away.  Letting so many thoughts float by creates a space that sometimes brings a big powerful thought in and it feels different.  So I know it is something that has been brought to me, so I will pause and write the thought down and then let it float away while I continue meditating.  Then after I can look at that thought and see if it is important.

Is your mind loud sometimes?  What are some tools you have found to help quiet it down?


Sing “I am a Child of God” and imagine the steps of grounding and shielding as you sing!

Set your timer and

Using your finger movements – with a NEW MANTRA

Peace (breathing in for about 4 beats)

Pause (2,3,4)

Be (2 beats) Still (2 beats)

Pause (2,3,4)

Repeat until your timer dings!

Now sit quietly and just allow space for your thoughts to float by.

It doesn’t matter how long you do this for, just try it!

Now pause and be “silent”

Letting your thoughts float by. 

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