When your spirit is in charge (rather than your mind or body) then things go more smoothly.

If your body or mind are in charge, then you are living in your natural man. Your mind and body are just trying to survive, so it is easy for our mind and body to go to fear.

– Trauma has taught us to live in fear.

Our spirit is eternal and has a strong connection to God.  It has a better perspective and has a higher purpose.  It is not ruled by fear.

It takes work and practice for your spirit to be in charge of your body and mind.  Meditation is a great tool to help with this shift.  With meditation you are training a new boss to be in charge.

Your Body-Mind and Spirit have been trying to work together since you were born.

I think it is part of the plan that our body is in charge at first, we are taken over by this earthly experience when we are born.  Hunger, pain, wetness… it is all so new and huge!

Then our mind starts developing and that is an interesting experience as well.  Things happen and we start putting meaning into everything.  A dog growls at a baby and the baby’s body feels fear.  Then the mind creates the connection a dog is scary.

For years our body and mind were learning how living on the earth works, they quickly became the boss.  Now with Meditation you can increase your awareness of who is in charge when and you can train your Spirit to be the boss.


Set your timer for at least 1 minute.

Using your finger movements:

Breathe in Peace & Calm

Pause (2,3,4)

Breathe out and Smile

Pause (2,3,4)

Repeat until your timer dings

Now listen to this guided visualization walking you through the steps of grounding.  Please take the time to listen, it will pay off in many ways!


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