We have so many people coming in and out of our lives. How do we know which ones to try and really connect with? Can God help us to know? 

Here’s my tip for this week. Pray to know who you should get to know better.

Be a blessing to each other!

When I was on my mission, I was assigned to be companions with Sister Nagle. I was worried about it because I thought she was mean at one of the mission meetings. I saw her doing something completely innocent, but I took it the wrong way.

I couldn’t have been more wrong and she ended up being my very favorite companion.

Ellie, Sister Nagle, told me how, when the mission president usually assigned her to new companions, he would say, “You will be a real blessing to this sister.”

But when he assigned her to me, he said, “You will be a real blessing to each other.”

That proved to be true.

It is always such a treat when you are a blessing to each other.

Had we not been forced to be companions, I probably would’ve never taken the time to get to know her better and make such a dear friend. I probably would still think she was the mean sister missionary from that zone conference.

We laugh about my absurd thinking now.

10 years of a friendship lost!

When I moved to California, there was a sister in my ward who intrigued me. I talked to her here and there, but never really sat down and got to know her until over 10 years later, when I was in the Relief Society Presidency, helping coordinate ministering visits.

And I was so excited to sign her as my teacher.

Well on Kori’s first visit to me, we both expressed how we had always wanted to get to know each other better, but just had never made it happen. We missed out on 10 years of friendship. It is sad, how, if our lives don’t create connections organically, like kids being the same age, so we go to park day together, or we serve in the same organization, then we don’t always take the time to get to know people.

We both miss out.

Pray and ask God – who can I be friends with?

So take the time to pray and ask God

“Who can I reach out to today?”

With the intent to get to know them better so we can be a blessing to each other, or maybe you already have someone in mind.


Reach out.

They may have been feeling the same thing, who knows.

You may make a new friend!

I put this into practice, when I moved here to Utah. I knew I wanted friends and I just would reach out to people. Especially if I felt impressed to.

I’d pray and say, who should I reach out to?

And actually there was somebody, Marianne who intrigued me, and I knew she liked life coaching. She listened to the same life coaching podcast that I did.

And so I reached out to her and said, “Hey, let’s go on a walk or something.”

and then we ended up just coaching each other once a week. And it’s been such a blessing in my life and I appreciate her friendship and all the other friends that I’ve made here. And that I will, one day.

I love that God can Guide Us!

I love that we can ask God to guide us to who, might need a friend or who might be a great friend to us, or even better who we can be a friend to each other.

I can’t wait to hear what blessings come into your life by putting this tool into practice.

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