Each Cough Made My Anxiety Sky Rocket!

I was caregiving for my Sister-in-Law who had just flown into town.

She started coughing the second day and I was worried she might have Covid,

which would ruin the first couple trip Rob and I had planned since 2019!

My anxiety was out of control…

Luckily my friends reminded me of the power of affirmations

and by creating some and using them every time she coughed,

we made it through

and I stayed calm.

In today’s episode I share my experience, and more importantly tips and tools to help you make affirmations in the moment!

Could our long awaited trip to Cabos be in jeopardy?

And the example that I’m going to use with this is. My husband and I had our first trip planned since COVID started.

And we were flying out to Cabo on a Friday. And my sister-in-law who is special needs, came to stay with us a few days before we left. She flew in, I believe on a Monday or a Sunday and a day or two after she got there, she started to cough and I had this, I mean, somewhat irrational fear that she had COVID and that then we were gonna get COVID and that we wouldn’t be able to go on our trip.

And I was really freaking out about the whole thing. So I texted my friends. I have a prayer group and I also texted my PQ pod group, which I was in at the time and explained what was going on and said, I was really spinning and my saboteurs were totally at work and I was kind of freaking out and they all suggested I come up with some affirmations to help.

Sometimes we forget what we already know!

And I love it when people tell me to do what I tell other people to do. Sometimes we forget what we know and we need other people to tell us.

Affirmations in the Moment!

So they helped me to come up with some affirmations. And these are the ones that I came up with.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be brave, to exercise my faith and practice harnessing my thoughts.

I am grateful. I have a healthy, strong body and an immune system to protect me.

God and angels protect me as I serve others.

I am grateful. I get to go to Cabo and reconnect with Rob.

So I had some affirmations there about handling the situation with the whole, you know, my immune system strong, and I’m grateful that I can help have Lindsay with us and take care of her for this week. And I also was expressing gratitude that I would get to go to Cabo and reconnect with Rob. So I had like future gratitude, current gratitude, and also asking for God angels to help me.

So I wrote out these affirmations and I put them in my pocket. I had a little jacket cuz it was winter and and I stuck this folded note card in my jacket pocket.

I had so much anxiety each time she coughed!

Before I had texted my friends, every time Lindsay coughed, I’d like freak out inside my heart would race.

I’d want to run away from her. And I mean, I just had so much anxiety.

But I decided what I would do now is each time Lindsay coughed, I’d get out that note card and say those affirmations. And I said them in my head. But I said those affirmations and I must have said them easily, probably a hundred times that first day after I created them, because she was coughing a lot.

My friend also suggested I give her a COVID test to see if she did have COVID and I did. And it showed she didn’t so that I’m sure helped also. I didn’t know, maybe her COVID test wouldn’t test positive till later. So, I mean, I still had some anxiety about the coughing situation.

It was very powerful to be able to come up with these affirmations for this very specific situation in the moment of the situation, meaning Lindsay came to visit, she started coughing.

I knew I needed help in this specific situation at that very specific time. And having people to help me come up with those affirmations was so great. But I think the most powerful thing was having that note card right there in my pocket. And every time she coughed, I’d look at it and read it.

She still was coughing, but I felt better about it!

And by the end of that night, and through the next day, she didn’t actually cough less, but I felt better and better about it.

Or at least neutral. I wouldn’t say I was like so happy she was coughing, but I was very neutral about it and it wasn’t making me have anxiety each time she coughed.

Do you have a current situation you need affirmations for?

So this is the tool for you this week. Think of a situation that you have either, right this moment that you’re struggling with, or look forward into this week and think of something that might come up that you will need some special affirmations for. And then I want you to create one to four affirmations specifically about that issue.

I think this is the important part. Put them somewhere where you can easily see them. Either a note card, you slip in your pocket or a note on your phone, or even maybe make it the lock screen of your phone so that when whatever happens happens, you can look at those affirmations and say them immediately and often and over and over and over again.

And if this is something that’s gonna happen later in the week, go ahead and start saying those affirmations now.

PRE-Affirm the situation!

PRE – affirm the situation and then be amazed at how quickly you’re able to shift to something new. I really can’t wait to hear how this tool helps you and know that I’m available.

If you have questions or need help about coming up with some affirmations. Please do reach out.