Worry About It VS Look at Next Week – Which feels better?

A simple choice of words can make a world of difference!

Bryson called me out on the words I first used and then I made a change.

In todays episode learn a simple tool to choose better words.

I love it when my kids correct me.

I love it. When my kids teach me things that I teach them. I said this statement to Bryson the other week, when we were thinking about making plans for the next school year and what different activities he wants to do. And he had a very busy week that week. And I said to him, we’ll worry about that next week.

And he said, “mom, there’s some pretty negative energy around that statement.”

And I said, oh, you’re absolutely right.

Pause to think, what is a better way to say it?

And I paused and I had to think what’s a better way to say that.

So I took a deep breath and I said, “how about we will look at all your options for next year and make a decision next week about it.”

And he said, “yeah, that’s way better mom”.

Don’t put my emotions onto others!

So we actually haven’t made all those decisions yet, but we have made one. And I think that’s another thing that is important to remember is first off, in my mind, it is something that we need to worry about. It’s something I am worrying about in the background, because I’m the type of person who likes to have a decision made and complete and Bryson’s.

And Bryson’s more the type of person that likes to have open ended options. He’s a lot like my husband, who’s the same way. He doesn’t like to make decisions. I was putting my worries and feelings about making decisions onto Bryson by saying it that way. We’ll worry about that next week. And instead, really all we needed to do is look at the options and make decisions, which still he doesn’t love to do, but it makes it neutral.

And we all know how much I think neutrality is powerful.

What words are you using?

So let’s look at how you can apply this tool in your life this week. Think about a situation that you have coming up that maybe you have some concerns or worries or uncertainty about. And think about the words that you use regarding the situation.

Maybe it’s an upcoming trip you have to plan, or maybe it’s a new job you’re looking for, or even just making dinner in the next week. There could be things ranging from all types of options. But think about the words you’re using. Are you thinking I’m gonna worry about that later or, oh, I need to worry about that now.

Or are you using more neutral words? Like, oh, I should take some time to ponder that, or I need to take a moment and stop and really feel what it is that I am longing for in this moment. So think of that situation. take a deep breath and think about some other words you can use that can help you feel more neutral about that situation.

I really liked how I changed it to. We’ll take some time to look at those choices and then make a decision. So giving yourself some time, even just saying, I’m going to set aside 10 minutes tomorrow to get in a calm place and ponder this. Is a much more neutral energy than feeling worry about something.

Some good alternatives

I’m gonna end this episode with just some positive ways that we can reframe things that we are concerned or worried about.

I’m going to take some moments to take a deep breath and ponder this situation from a neutral point of view. How would it feel to be able to see the situation from a place of calmness? How would it feel to be able to make this decision with confidence? How would it feel to stay calm and confident as I move through this next week?