Prayer for a Parking Spot

My friend Laura invited me to her house the other night.  Her husband has been working 70-80 hour weeks and she needed a little extra love and support.  I hadn’t visited with her in awhile, so I was excited to go.

Prayer is the perfect way to harness Heavenly Help!

She warned me that it was very difficult to park in her apartment complex.  I reassured her I would pray for a spot.

She chuckled and shook her head and just insisted it would be nearly impossible to find a parking spot.

no spots

I was just as insistent that God would provide me one.

I was delayed in leaving for her apartment by my children.  It seemed like 2 or 3 things popped up delaying me.  I figured it was just part of the plan of God providing a parking spot for me.

When I finally left I prayed and asked that a parking spot be provided for me.

I went into her complex and started the loop.  There were NO spots. I could also see how few visitor spots there were and I realized she was right, it was very difficult to park there.  I was ending the loop and was at the point where I could leave and go park on the busy street outside the complex.

I paused and offered another prayer,

“Heavenly Father, I am here on your errand.  I know that Laura needs me tonight and I want to be there for her.  My desire for a parking spot is righteous, and I know you can provide me one.  Thank you for doing so.”

I went on to do another loop.

God provided the impossible spot!

First I saw a man walking towards some cars, but he went on to an apartment.

Then I saw 2 women walking out of an apartment and towards the uncovered parking spots.  I slowed down and realized they were Sister Missionaries from my church and they were leaving.  I waved and then paused as they backed up.

I then parked in the spot directly across from my friends apartment.

The “impossible parking spot” that God provided for me.

I was humbled and grateful.  I saw how God’s hand kept me home a bit longer to interact with my children, allowing the Sister Missionaries to finish their appointment.  I saw how God gave me time to make a loop and see just how improbable it was and then after offering another prayer He gave me that very simple but powerful answer.

I shared the story with her upon my arrival at her doorstep and then my family when I got home and now you.

I share it with joy, faith and gratitude.

Pray with faith, God will hear and answer you!

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  1. Wonderful! I love that you said thank you for providing a spot in your prayer, expecting and faithful.

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