It is helpful to remind myself – It is safe to feel disappointment.  Disappointment is part of life and maybe a little bit more right now in Covid-19 time.  So it is a great time to practice feeling disappointment and how to easily feel it and move on to acceptance.

When I am spinning with thoughts and emotions about being disappointed, or even right now, worrying about being disappointed in the future, it is hard to not get all caught up in the emotions of those thoughts.

Which then makes it challenging to make a good decision out of faith instead of fear.

When I really remember that indeed disappointment WON’T kill me, it is easier to move forward with faith.

In this podcast episode I go over 7 steps to help you easily move through disappointment. You can download a PDF of the steps below.

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Overcome Disappointment Handout Here

Curious what we decided to do for school in the Fall?

Not long after recording this podcast episode, I researched some options and talked about it with Bryson and Rob and we prayed and made some choices.

If you want to know, you can read what we decided to do by clicking here.

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