7. Grounding in 3 Steps

Grounding is a great way to get to a place of peace. It is something I do every morning to start my day off right and I will do it throughout the day if something gets me off-kilter.

I know many people talk about the importance of grounding.  One way to do it is to walk around outside in bare feet.  I feel like that is a good beginning, but also not always feasible and incomplete. 

I teach a more detailed and inclusive grounding method where you get your spirit/mind/body connected

  • to each other
  • to the earth
  • to heaven

This puts you in the middle of an infinity of Love and Support

You also can do it just using your mind, shoes optional. 

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Once you listen to the podcast and know the steps consciously, enjoy this brief visualization to walk you through the steps 

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In an upcoming podcast I will teach how I ground and shield each morning using a song and it takes me only 33 seconds.   Make sure to subscribe so you never miss a tip.