8. Color Shield – Fun Way to Stay Safe?

This podcast episode is extra fun, because you get to use crayons!  That’s right, get a piece of paper and some crayons or markers and get ready to create a powerful color shield that can provide you energetic protection throughout your day.

This may seem crazy, but coloring a “color shield” is one of my student’s favorite tools.

In todays episode I will walk you through doing this, so by then end you can have this crazy tool too!

  • Green – Protects your Heart
  • Red – Physical Protection
  • Orange – Emotional Protection
  • Blue- Relational Protection
  • White – Spiritual Protection
  • Apron – to help you support your immediate family
  • Mail boxes – for others
  • PO Boxes for “special people”

Free Gift – Visualization

Once you have created your color shield with your mind and crayons, you can practice putting it on and strengthening it by listening to this visualization.   

In an upcoming podcast I will teach how I ground and shield each morning using a song and it takes me only 33 seconds.   

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