A wonderful question to ponder – What am I longing for in this moment?

Someone posed this question to me, and it caused me to stop in my tracks.

Longing – such a powerful word.

Not what do I want or what do I need.

But what do I long for?

Sometimes I long for deep connection with others.

Not surface conversations, though those are needed and appropriate much of the time.

But deep heart felt conversations.

Sometimes I am longing for peace and quiet

To be all alone in my house

And read a book, snuggled up by the fire.

Sometimes I long for my family to gather round the table and play a game

See the boys laughing with each other

And relish in these boys and men

And just love them.

Sometimes I am longing for a hug.

I am lucky enough I have people here I can ask for a hug from.

It is very telling to pause and ask yourself this question

What are you longing for?

Your answer may change everything.