I really loved this talk by Ronald A. Rasband – The Things of My Soul. He shared 7 of his 10 things written on his soul and challenged us to find our 8,9,10.

Here are mine!

8. Grounding to the Rock of Christ and Shielding with the Armor of God strengthens and protects me.

9. Prayer is powerful and I can use it any moment of the day

10. Angels are anxious to assist me.

When I shared these with my friends, no one was surprised about the angels.

I LOVE praying and asking for angels help. 

It is undeniable the experiences I have had over the years. 

I even have a mini course I offer called Ask the angels they are anxious to assist you. 

I am going to post the 5 lessons as podcast episodes in early 2022, but if you want to access it sooner you can go to this link to sign up for the email class right now.  You will get one video a day for 5 days. 

In todays podcast episode I share 3 experiences I have had with angels. 

Mountain Goat Angel

I am learning to love hiking, because my husband loves it.

But sometimes it pushes me a bit more than I am comfortable with.

When we did a 4 mile hike, part of it was super rocky and a little scary for me.

I prayed and asked God to send me a hiking angel to help.

I didn’t feel quite better as we continued on, so I asked for the best available hiking angel for this trail and suddenly I remembered a mountain goat we saw on a hike in Zions a few weeks ago and I felt that mountain goat energy come and help me feel more confident with my footing, even seeing more clearly where to step.

Hand Washing Angel

I have an angel team and sometimes I feel prompted by God to add a new angel.

Towards the beginning of Covid, I am talking early on, like early February 2020, before most people even knew Covid was a thing, I felt prompted to add an angel to my team, so I was asking God who this angel was.

He said, “The Hand Washing Angel.” I thought that was interesting and I asked if this angel had a name. I paused and couldn’t really understand the name, so I just wrote down “handwashing angel” on my angel list.

I now knew I had a handwashing angel on my team.

I felt a little funny about it, it seemed maybe a silly kind of angel to have.

I went upstairs to get Bryson up for school (because this is back when kids went to school) and while he was eating breakfast, he randomly said, “Mom, I learned about this Obstetrician guy who saved a lot of women’s life, because he taught about washing hands.”

I was flabbergasted.

He was telling me this story right now, 30 minutes after God told me I needed a Handwashing Angel on my team! So, I asked Bryson for more details and when he left for school, I Googled to find out the name of this obstetrician.

Ignaz Semmelweis was a doctor back in the 1800’s and he was an assistant on an obstetrics floor and through observation “concluded that students who came directly from the dissecting room to the maternity ward carried the infection from mothers who had died of the disease to healthy mothers. He ordered the students to wash their hands in a solution of chlorinated lime before each examination.

Under these procedures, the mortality rates in the first division dropped from 18.27 to 1.27 percent, and in March and August of 1848 no woman died in childbirth in his division.” 


I was in awe that God prompted me to add this angel to my team AND since I couldn’t understand his name when I asked, he prompted Bryson to tell me this story.

This was a reassurance to me, that God really does want us to have angel teams and He will also let us know who he wants on those teams.

Also, that many angels were people who lived on the earth, with real names!

Definitely our handwashing skills and frequency have increased since February and I think Ignaz has helped with that! 

Feathers Remind Me Angels are Near

I felt inspired to ask for a notification when angels were near, or if I needed to ask for angelic assistance.

I prayed and asked God if that was Ok. He said yes.

So, I asked to see a feather if angels were nearby or if I needed to ask for angels.

I have had so many interesting experiences since then with feathers showing up in interesting ways and times.

I share a few of them in my Ask the Angels class.

But the one that showed up the other day on my van was extra impressive. I had just been with a friend who had asked for prayers for a family situation she was going to address that night. I drove off and stopped by our mailbox.

When I went to get back in the van, I saw this huge feather stuck to the drivers door.

I laughed and appreciated God giving me this big alert.

I got in the van and said a prayer asking for God to send the best available angels for this situation to help my friend that night.

Then I sent her a picture and my prayer, knowing she would appreciate both.

big feather stuck to van

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