Can Angels Help When You Are Running on Empty?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the past few weeks of the podcast. The ask the angels, they are anxious to assist you series

A Beautiful Card Thanking ME! 🙂

Today I want to start by reading a card that I got in the mail before I actually started the series. And it’s from one of my mom’s friends who listens to my podcast and I just really love what she wrote.

I’m not sure if she is quoting somebody in this handwritten letter or if she wrote these words herself, but it’s so beautiful.

Each lifetime is the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. So no one has within themselves, all the pieces to their puzzle, Everyone carries within them, at least one or many pieces to someone else’s puzzle. And when you present your piece, which is worthless to you to another, whether you know it or not, you are a messenger from the most high, you are an angel.

I am editing to just add that I found the source of this quote. It’s Rabbi Lawrence Kushner.

And I just was so touched first off that she wrote me this beautiful card and it’s this handmade card that she made with an angel on it.

And that I actually got it right at the beginning of when I started my ask the angel series. And I’ve been holding onto it to read to today. As a nice way to kind of wrap up this series though. Hopefully I’ll have some of you who want to be on as a guest to share any experiences you’ve had with angels, both earthly and heavenly angels.

So I’m recording this at 9:40 at night, and I don’t have an outline usually I do, but I just wanted to talk a little bit about some other experiences I’ve had with angels since I first recorded that series. Because I posted it in the last month of May, of 2022, but I actually first recorded it.

I think two years ago. So maybe three years ago, I think it was pre COVID that I recorded that.

Let’s Talk Earthly Angels


First, let’s talk about earthly angels. So earthly angels are people in your life that are here on the earth that are angels to you. And I have so many in my life. My mom is for sure an earthly angel, she was here visiting last week and she like hemmed my curtains and she helped my son. With sewing elastic into his pants.

I mean, she’s always helping others and she is earthly angel. And then I have so many friends that have helped me through the years. I’m just going to say one or two examples. For instance, I have a friend, Nikki who one day , my husband was out of town. It was like nine 30 at night or something. And my neck was really, really hurting me.

I just knew I needed just a little neck rub and I called Nicki and said, can you just come over and rub my neck for a few minutes? And Nikki’s super busy cause she has seven or eight kids. I can’t remember how many, seven, seven kids. And she came over and rubbed my neck for a few minutes and it helped so much.

And that that’s just a simple example. It wasn’t like lifesaving or anything, but it really helped me in that moment. And I have friends, Valerie, who I can call on a moment’s notice and talk through things and she’s there to help me process it. My friend, Jenn, who I’ve been friends with since 2004, and if my family needs anything, she’s there to help.

She has brought me meals and just so much history with people. My friends here in Utah, that I don’t quite have that deep, long lasting relationship, where I could, I mean, I guess I could call them up in a moment’s notice and they would help me, but you know, I’m building that, but angels helped lead one of my best friends from California, Angela to come move here, literally five minutes from my house.

So I do have a person like that, in my back pocket and my friend Marianne here, who we coach each other every week, we are each other’s angels. And I think that’s how it so often goes. We are angels to others and they are angels to us and it can be big or it can be small and it’s fine either way. It’s helpful and can change our lives for the better.

Let’s Talk Heavenly Angels/Feathers

Next let’s talk heavenly angels. And I actually wanted to, I have on my phone an album of pictures of feathers, Once I asked God for the signs of feathers for when angels were around or when I needed to ask for angels, or if I needed to be an angel, I of course started seeing feathers everywhere, but in the strangest ways, and I already shared some of that on a previous episode, which I’ll link to, but since I recorded that.

Over two years ago. I of course still see feathers everywhere. And so I take pictures of them now, and I see them because literally it’s hilarious a lot are just on the floor and you know, that’s okay. But I still take pictures. One’s in a sink, a lot are my clothes. I went to record a podcast about the Mexico miracle with someone and they were videotaping me and I was really nervous about it.

 When I’m getting videotaped and as I was getting out of the car, I said a prayer. I’m like Heavenly Father just help me to stay calm and feel confident. And I get out of the car and I looked down and on my shirt was a little tiny feather. And I was like, thank you.

It was just a beautiful little sign, that angels would be with me when I did that podcast episode. I have a picture of a sweater hanging in my closet with a giant feather on it and oh, a bowl. That I a purple bowl that has a feather in it. And then my favorite one is actually on my van. And I was talking to my friend, Angela, I believe.

And there was a situation that was going on and she was asking for prayers. So I said, I’d pray for her. And then I got my van and I drove to the mailbox and I got out to get my mail. And when I turned around to look at my, van, there was a giant feather on it. It has to be at least four or five inches long.

And I just started laughing and realized I needed to tell Angela that she needed to pray and ask for angels for this specific situation. So I did, I called her, I sent her the picture of the feather and I’m like, I think this was a reminder for me to remind you, to ask for angels. And she did, and the situation worked out in the end.

I just really love. Noticing when feathers pop up, because it reminds me of heavenly angels and the opportunity we have to call on their help, pray and ask God to send angels. And I do this probably a few times a week, and I love to tell my clients about this tool and remind them of this wonderful heavenly help that they can get when they ask.

Recent Heavenly Angel Help – An Empty Gas Tank

Okay. I just paused and said a little prayer to ask Heavenly Father to help remind me of a good angel experience that I could share.

What came to my mind is when I was driving home from California to Utah. And there’s this big gap. Where there’s no gas stations and I have a new car or a newer car. And it’s so dumb because I can never tell when it’s getting close to empty, like the color of the empty. Visual thing is too much like the full, I don’t know, it’s a problem.

And all the sudden the empty light popped on and I still had quite a ways to go. And it tells you how many miles you have left. It tells me at like 24 miles. I mean, I think it should tell me sooner. And I think I should know to notice sooner. I don’t know. It’s a, it’s a challenge for me right now, but I had.

A little more than 24 miles to go till I was going to reach the gas station, the next exit, which I hoped had a gas station. And I remember praying and asking God to send angels, to help my car, make it. And I was like, just help my car be super fuel efficient. Like just to help me feel confident and safe as I continue.

I mean, I there’s no other option. I have to keep driving, but I wanted that extra heavenly help to make it. And I did, I made it to that exit and there was a gas station and I filled up and it ended up being okay.

Could it have been okay without the angels help? Sure. But would I have been freaking out a lot more?

What if it is just a Placebo? I don’t care!!

Yes. So again, maybe it’s a placebo. I don’t know, but it’s a placebo. I love because it helps me. To stay calmer and more confident.

And I know that so many of my clients and my friends, that ask for angels help receive it and are blessed for it.

Be My Guest!

So I host two other podcasts and I’m starting to get really good at doing interviews. And I want to start doing interviews on this podcast as well. I know people love angels, and sometimes they have experiences that they want to share that are appropriate. So if you want to pray about it and see if there’s an experience that you’d like to share about angelic help in your life, whether it be earthly or heavenly, I would love to have you as a guest on my podcast.

 I will have a link to a place where you can go ahead and sign up to do that. And I really hope at least one or two of you guys, maybe even more will be willing to come on and share. It can be short and sweet or long. I don’t care. I just want to have you as a guest on my podcast. So go ahead and look in the show notes and click on the link to.

Go to the calendar to set up a time, to be a guest. Thanks so much.