4 Unique Angel Interactions help Kati Through Life Challenges

Sheridan: I’m so excited to have my friend Kati on the podcast today, Kati and I have known each other for years. She was one of my students and we knew each other from church. And Kati’s really great. I admire her because she has had really challenging things come up in her life. But her faith has remained strong and I’ve seen how that has been a bedrock

in her life and I just really admire her. Kati, do you want to introduce yourself a little bit more so people can know you a little better?

Meet Kati

Kati: Okay. Well, once I stop crying, thank you for that very lovely introduction.. I’m 56 years old. I’m a mother of two boys, one who passed away five years ago in a motorcycle accident.

I’m married for 30 plus years to my husband, Dave, and we have two adorable dogs. And,I just love you Sheridan I’m grateful. I remember the first time I knew about you and it’s funny because, It was surrounding a situation where you were going to wear pants to church.

Kati: And I remember thinking, why is anybody talking about this? so I was intrigued enough to where I needed to go up and say, hi, my name is Kati and why is everyone talking about the fact that you’re wearing pants at church? And it was really eye opening to meet you and realize that you had this different, fresh perspective.

And I immediately knew that I wanted to know more about what your perspective was. Thank you. You’re welcome. .

The Tool that was Literally the most life-changing

Kati: So I remember taking that first class enjoy life or finding joy in the journey and it was a good class.

It taught me insights into you as a person. It gave me insights into me as a person and into the minds and hearts of the people we were with. And it was a real good overview, but I knew I needed to learn more things. And so I just took a break from that after it was over. And, you had a few other classes.

Didn’t do them, but then I found myself in a very deep, dark place in my family life. And I remember, the spirit told me call Sheridan. And so I called you and you came over to my house and helped teach me that I was spinning out of control. And you gave me a very specific tool to help me unburden myself.

And enact the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And that was literally the most useful and life-changing day of my life. And I have used that tool hundreds, maybe even thousands of times since then. And I’ve often helped others to use that tool or guided them to you to help figure out how to use that tool. And I just really appreciate that.

And so that’s where we are. And if I ever have a really crazy struggle, you come to mind and I look at your stuff online and try to help myself. And, I love the word of the year, a lot. That’s one of my favorite things.

Super Excited about the Angel Class

Kati: And then I saw your angels class and I was so excited for that. You taught me that it was okay to believe that angels could help me.

And I just couldn’t believe that this was the case. I had heard the leaders of the church talk about angels in the past, but I never felt like I was quote unquote I’m doing air quotes over here. I was entitled. To have angels help me and wow, what a mindblower and I started using that tool, and trying to get things to happen in a different way using angels.

And it worked, it was amazing. Oh my gosh. Completely mind blowing and life altering.

Sheridan: Yes. Oh, good. I love that. And I do love that, you know, you feel like you can reach out to me in situations and even just checking out what I have going on online on the Facebook group and then how.

for sure angels are like one of these untapped gifts that God has given us that I think we often don’t understand or know that it is a tool that angels are just waiting to help us. So I’m so excited that definitely, caused a positive shift in your life when you learned about that. So I’m so excited to have you share the experiences

today about angels. So go ahead and jump in.

Kati’s Angel Brother Visits Her

Kati: Okay. First of all, I’m going to talk about angels in my life before I understood what you taught me. So back when I was a little girl, I can remember a few specific times. and at that time, I didn’t know to call them angels.

They were just my family. They were my deceased family and I knew some of them and I didn’t know some of them. So the first time I can remember having a spirit or an angel speak to me or be with me or protect me. I was in the hospital and I was there under precarious circumstances.

They were worried about my heart. not working correctly. I was 16. Maybe I was 14. I can’t remember exactly, but I was young and, something weird happened. there was a school shooting down in San Diego that day. And, I was in the hospital bed and I was sleeping and there was a big commotion outside the window and a helicopter landed and the hospital, something changed in the hospital, all the doors shut, and I could hear them all shut.

And it was really scary. I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew it was bad. And I had the TV on, in my room and I saw that there was a school shooting and that, this guy had gone into a school and a mobile home park and had killed a bunch of people. And at that time, I was, frightened to death and I didn’t know anything else.

And I was drifting in and out of sleep. And I remember waking up and all my windows were closed and the door was closed and I was all by myself and I just opened my eyes. And, my brother Kelly, who had died a year before I was born, was standing by my bed. And it was really a powerful moment. I didn’t know him, I never met him.

And yet there he was. And I don’t remember now how long that this thing lasted. It wasn’t very long, a few seconds maybe, but I knew he was there paying attention to me and that he was protecting me when I felt scared.

Sheridan: I think it is so common that it is our ancestors typically, or our family members who are our angels.

Of course other angels can help us too. But I love that your first experience was with a brother. You hadn’t met on this earth yet. He still loved you and knew you, and you must have had some kind of connection with him as well, that you could recognize him as who he was. So I think that’s

Kati: really cool. it’s interesting that, since I never met him, I didn’t really know what he was.

I had an idea of what he was like from all the stories my parents had told me and I had a picture of him. in our house. And I looked at it every day, cause it was on the way up the stairs. And it’s funny that you should say that because I saw that he was there, but it wasn’t him moving around.

Kati: It was face of the picture in the exact way. But in my heart, I knew that it was him, even though the only way I could see him was the way that I knew him, which was through that picture. Oh, that’s

Sheridan: really interesting. And also beautiful in that. I just think how lovely that picture was hanging there and that, your whole life you saw him.

And then that was a way for you to be able to recognize him when he came.

Kati: Exactly.

Kati’s Angel Grandmother Stops a Fight with a Smell

Kati: Okay. So I’m with my mom and we were fighting. Just screaming back and forth at each other. I was a teenager, 17 ish, and all of a sudden, as we were screaming at each other, a very large breeze, whoosh came down from the first or the second level and washed over my mother and I, and the scent in the air was my mother’s mother.

My grandmother. Phyllis Young Brewerton, it was her like talcum powder mixed with her perfume and it literally washed across us. And both of us stopped in our tracks. I mean, we just stopped talking and moving and both of us were just like, whoa, that was grandma. Like she came, she didn’t want us to be fighting.

Sheridan: That’s so cool. And I have to share something that literally just happened while you’re telling that story. I know, for me, feathers are like a sign of when angels are near. Yes. And while you were telling that story, this little teeny tiny feather, just like so tiny, just floated in front of me.

And then I was like trying to catch it cause I wanted to take a picture and it just like floated and landed over here. Oh, ah, that’s so cute.

yeah, but I love how, and it can be some people like, do they have a smell? Like they can smell angels when they come. And I love that both you and your mom had that powerful experience and it stopped both of you in your tracks.

Sheridan: That’s so awesome.

Car accident prevented by an angel

Kati: now I’m going to fast forward a while. I was, somewhere in my thirties, maybe in my forties. I don’t remember. I was parking the car and I was, opening my door and as I was opening my door, another car

raced into the parking spot. And it was all happened so fast, but I saw the car hit my car, but it didn’t hit my car. And in that moment I felt, and I knew that Heavenly Father had given me an angel to protect me because I was there where the door and the hit was going to happen. And he made it not happen.

I saw it with my own eyes. I saw the car, hit my car, but it did not hit my car. Wow. And I knew that an angel had been present to help me with that situation. I don’t know who, I didn’t feel it. I just knew that it had happened.

Kati in Grief after her son died, has a beautiful experience

Kati: So now I’m going to come up to the time when my son died.

Okay. And,

there are so many things, but when he, okay, so I’m going to tell you what I thought before he died, I thought there were spirits and that spirits could help us. And obviously they did because I’ve expressed it. And I knew of other people that have had spirits in their lives that have helped them.

And I guess I just never connected angels as spirits, even though now I do. So when Tynan died. I found myself in this crazy situation where I was desperate to be near him. Just it’s something that I cannot express. Adequately enough with the words that are available in this language. I just had a depth, a yearning, a chasmic feeling of desperation to hold my son, to talk to my son.

And I know, that feeling because you did too, even though your son did not die, you had that feeling too. Am I right? Yeah, absolutely. So I had this feeling and I had a hard time going to church. I had a hard time going to the store. and one day I was at church and it was not too long after he had died maybe a few weeks, maybe a month.

I’m not sure. And I was sitting in the front row and I was spinning out of control in my head, but I hadn’t really determined that I was spinning yet. And I was hearing myself saying all those things that you say, and I’ll just say my stream of thought right now, I’ll, we’ll just try to reiterate what I said in my head.

This is so dumb. Why do I go to church? Why am I here? Why am I not dead? Why can’t I hold Tynan? Why can’t I be with my husband? Why can’t my husband be here? Why is church so stupid? Why can’t I talk to Tynan and at that very moment in my mind, in my heart and my eyes, I saw Tynan sitting next to me on my left.

He had his right arm over my shoulder and he said, “It’s okay, mom, I’m right here”.

And in case you guys can’t tell, I’m just dripping with tears right now, because it was such a beautiful moment.

I couldn’t physically stop myself from spinning out of control at that moment. And Heavenly Father sent me Tynan, allowed Tynan to come from whatever busy stuff he was doing in heaven. And sit next to me and tell me that I was okay, and that he’s here with me.

And it wasn’t long after that, that President Holland gave a talk on angels.

And it wasn’t long after that, that I was introduced to your idea of angels. And all of a sudden I realized, oh, angels are spirits.

New Perspective on Angels

Kati: So now I had a new set of eyes, a fresh perspective. And I had shared in teaching me that not only are angels spirits, but they’re there and they’re available if I ask Heavenly Father to use them to my advantage. And so I did, I

would pray very specifically and I would say, Heavenly Father, I am a mess today.

I cannot organize anything. I’ve got papers everywhere. There’s piles of clothes, there’s dishes in the sink. I need someone to help me be organized and help me to get myself together enough to help me clean my house so that I can be at peace. And I’m telling you, when I said that prayer, I was skeptical.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. And miraculously. I finished my prayer. I read my scriptures and I was given some sort of a little energy boost and I started doing something. And before you know it, I had cleaned up my desk. I had cleaned up the dishes I had. I had enough strength, enough, courage, enough energy to do what needed to be done.

And at the end of it, I remember thinking. Oh, my gosh, it worked. Somebody helped me get it together and just get motivated to do what I needed to do and help me. And I knew it. I knew that someone had helped me. In this case, I did not know who I had asked Heavenly Father, based on your angel class, I had asked Heavenly Father to give me the best angel that could help me in my situation that day.

Sheridan: Yeah, that’s all I do. Yeah. And that’s all you needed, right? It’s like you trusted that God would send the best one. And He did.

I went about my life, asking and expecting

Kati: He did. And I went about my life,very much asking and expecting. I tried different things. Like I would be in the car, which is like the most private place for me, because sometimes this house is not the most private place.

And I would ask him. If I could talk to an angel, if I could talk to Tynan and I did talk to Tynan, I didn’t necessarily hear him back the same way I had heard him in the past, but I definitely felt like he heard me. Yeah, he heard me and I would also like to share, you know, there have been several more instances where I was able to connect with Tynan, where he came to me of his own choice.

one time I was sitting there putting my makeup on and I was just thinking how stupid this whole thing is. And, he came to me and said, I’m sorry, mom. And I just knew. He needed to get that off his chest. I don’t know what he did that. He was sorry for. I’m assuming he’s talking about dying, but it could be anything I don’t know, but he needed to tell me that and I needed to hear it.

Kati: And that was a really nice moment, even though it was sad. and since then I’ve become stronger and. I’ve become healthier and I’ve been trying to just hold onto my faith every day. I have been blessed to have many, like the spirit teaches me moments, and maybe that’s part angel and part spirit.

I don’t know, but I absolutely wanted to make sure I told you the ones that I told. So far. And, at the moment, my mind is blank. I can’t think of any more. Well,

Sheridan: I think what you shared was amazing and touched on so many different, important things to know about angels. I loved that you pointed out that Tynan sometimes just comes on his own accord.

I think that, I do think. The angels are just anxious to assist us and us asking, for their help kind of activates them or gives them permission to help. But then I do think sometimes angels are just like jumping in, like, with that car incident when you,saw the car, hit your car, but it didn’t like, an angel helped you in that and you didn’t even have time to think.

Sheridan: I need to ask for an angel, they jumped in. And so I think that is, of course happening also. I just know that they also love it when we ask for help. so I think every experience that you shared is precious and beautiful, and I’m so grateful that you took time out of your life to come and share these experiences with us.

And I know that they will inspire others to have faith and hope that angels can help them as well in all situations. So thank you so much.

Kati’s Testimony

Kati: Is it okay if I like bear my testimony a little bit? Oh

I would just like to share that, after I learned more about angels and how I am entitled

Kati: to them in my life, I went back and I read Elder Holland’s talk. And I was given the feeling again, that it is absolutely true that we are, every one of us is entitled to the gift of angels and what they can perform and do for us. And I absolutely know that Heavenly Father is anxious to help us using the people,

that are our people. And I’m grateful for my people. Like I know that they love me and I know that they help me, especially my grandmother. it’s interesting. I haven’t really thought about my own mom helping me. she’s been gone since 99, but maybe right now I’ll seek that out a little bit.

Okay. But I do want to leave a testimony that my very personal testimony, that angels are real and that they are people and that they’re often people we know and love and that they are anxious to help us. And Heavenly Father is anxious to help us. And it’s all there as a tool set that Heavenly Father has given us to help us further our mission to do what we need to do in this life to get back to him.

It’s like he’s given us the scriptures are the print maps. And, the angels are like the GPS, and, they’re helping us all the way along the way. And we literally, each of us are setting our own limits. If we say, oh, I can do this by myself. We are limiting ourselves.

If we allow ourselves to open up and see other perspectives and feel other options. We can actually help ourselves progress day by day, furthering ourselves to get to our Heavenly Father. And I leave you with the testimony that I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that these tools are tools of enactment enacting the Atonement of Jesus Christ, helping us to become better and helping us to be comforted and helping us to be healed and helping us to get back to our Heavenly Father.

And that’s the goal. And I say that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Sheridan: Amen. Well, thank you so much, Kati. This was awesome. And I knew when you emailed and said, yeah, I want to be interviewed. I’m like, oh, I have to have Kati on.