I finally found the digital calendar that does all I need it to do!  AND it is pretty!!

Part of Parenting Challenging Children – is Keeping Track of All their Appointments!

For Devon, when he was little, he was in occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. This was back in the day before iPhones and I had a paper calendar hanging on the wall, and I know for a time I had a Franklin planner that I’d carry with all this information in it.

But sometimes I’d leave it the planner at home and I’d forget when it was time to make an appointment.

My struggle with switching to digital calendars!

I really loved it when iPhones were invented and we could have these calendars on our phone.

The problem was that I don’t always use them to the full extent that I can, and I found I still had my paper calendar hanging on my wall because it was easier to see and understand what was going on.

I loved being able to color code everything and, and it looked pretty and I occasionally would try and switch to fully to a digital calendar and there was always something that would hold me back.

It was not seamless!

I finally found something that I love and I want to tell you about it.

I Finally Found the Answer – Artful Agenda!

It is a digital calendar that not only is useful, but it’s also pretty and it’s easy.

It’s not like a crazy digital calendar where you have to download all these programs and write with a pen on your ipad.

It hooks into your Google calendar or your Apple calendar.

And it pulls it into this program. It’s called Artful Agenda.

Here is the link!!


if you use this referral code: RS543050 I will get credit.  😊

It is Really Pretty/Can Color Code/See More than just Colored Dots!

1. it is really pretty visually.

2. You can do a lot of color coding things.

3.  You can see it in month format, and it’s not just like little colored dots. I know on my Google Calendar app, it like just has dots. I’m like, oh, I have something. I have no idea what it is. I have to open it up to see the details.

But with Artful Agenda I can see it all in one page.

4. Week view, which makes everything bigger.

5. Day View too!

Useful Lists!

But what I really love about this and what pulls it all together and actually makes it functional on a deeper level,

is it has lists.

I can have multiple different lists on here.

I have a buy list, and on there, whenever I see something on a buy, I throw it on that list.

I also have an affirmation list.

I have one list for each of my boys and my husband,

I have a list about my podcast.

I have a list about to-dos.

I have a who to call list.

Easy to add things from list into the calendar!!

 So here’s the thing that makes it so awesome is that I can go into that list and then I can put a date on it.

I can go into my list and I can click on call Devon and then I can choose a date and say, okay, and then that is going to pop over onto my calendar where I will then be reminded to do it.

Also on my day list there are different areas you can personalize.

I can have a top action, I can have a wish list to do and I can name it different things.

Then I have a monthly list. So this has been really great for me, is that I have things that I want to do every month, so I just pop it on there. I can mark it done, but then it will pop up the next month. And same with weekly lists.

You choose whether you want it to repeat or not.

First Digital Calendar that is seamless and useful in ALL the ways!

So this has been really life changing.

It’s the first digital calendar that I found that I can use in a very seamless, useful way.

So now when I’m out and I need to make an appointment it’s easy, it’s seamless. I have it there with me and it’s no problem. I have all the information I need at the tip of my fingers as well as more.

It has everything.

It’s like in my mind, like that little Franklin Covey planner with all the stuff in it, right here in this one App.

It does cost money. I think there’s a 15-day free trial.

Definitely try it! See if you like it. For me, it’s worth every penny because I finally have everything all together in one place, and that to me is life changing.


I can also see it on my computer as well as my iPad.

I wanted to share this tip with you because again, I know when you have challenging children, especially ones that have lots of appointments and lots of needs, it’s great to have a place to put everything all in one place and be organized.

Because when we’re organized, it makes everything just a little bit better. Check it out and let me know what you think!