Become the Women you Want to Be

I don’t know how to explain this awesome class, because Eternal Warriors teaches you so much.

It is about becoming who you are.  Learning self mastery.  Tapping into God and His power through daily scripture study, prayer, journalling and SOOOO much more.    (apparently journalling is not a word according to spell check).

Ask Angela, Valerie, Loralie, Tracine, Andrea, Shannon, Nikki or Wendy.  They took my last class – they Know!

Classes Starting in October

My next live Eternal Warriors class for women will start –

Tuesdays October 7th 9:15-11:15.  

Cost: $249 only $199 when you register before October 1st.

  • Tuition is $199 –  $149 if you register before October 1st.  
  • Materials Cost is $50 for a kit that you order from of Farmington UT  (If you already have a kit from a previous class, it is just $15 for a new journal)  Call 1-877-HERO-877 to order the kit, leave a message.

Location – Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 

Contact me for more details and to register.

Online Options – Youth and Adults

For those not able to attend live classes in Orange County, I have created an online version.  Click here to learn more.


Tracine – We’ve all seen that object lesson with the walnuts (or other large objects) and the rice (or other small objects). If we put the walnuts first… We can fit all the rice. I’ve always believed this principle, but until the [Eternal Warriors] class, I never had anything beyond, “yea I believe that’s true” to actually put the principle into practice. I’ve never been consistent with my daily prayers and scripture study. With this class, I’ve got that down and am now more confident that I can master other tasks, create healthy habits, and battle addiction forming behaviors. It’s incredibly powerful. The curriculum coupled with the support from other moms all with different parenting circumstances has been great.