Be a Warrior Against Pornography!

I taught the Relief Society (women’s group) lesson on Sunday and it was about Protection from Pornography.  I am over the teachers and arranged it so that I could teach the lesson.  I love teaching about pornography and wanted to make sure the women left with useful tools and information to help them be WARRIORS in their homes.

Requests to share

I got a lot of great feedback about my lesson. I also had a lot of requests from friends that live far away for my notes.  I decided to record my lesson, so that everyone can join in the fight.


Resources to help Fight Pornography


Online Programs

  • Fight the New Drug – Fortify Program (online)
  • Eternal Warrior – Addiction Prevention Program (live class and online classes)


The SMART Plan – for Parents (

  • Stay calm
  • Make a plan
  • Assist your child to sort out their feelings
  • Regularly check in with your kids
  • Train your family


My “Can Do” Plan – for Kids (from Good Pictures, Bad Pictures — BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!)

  • Close my eyes, turn away and hit the power button to shut down my computer or device.
  • Alert a trusted adult
  • Name Pornography when I see it
  • Distract my thoughts away from bad images
  • Order my Thinking Brain to be in charge!

Handout of Resources and Copy of My Lesson

Resources to help Fight Pornography  – Click here to download a copy of the resources.

Pornography Lesson to Share – Click here to download the notes from my lesson.

Feel free to share!!

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  1. Rachel Worthington

    Hi Sheridan,
    Thank you for this information. I really appreciate it.
    I couldn’t find the article you talked about in the Jan. 2014 New Era. I think it’s called New Armor for a New War.
    Do i have this information correct?

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