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49. My Fascinating Dream of Clinging to My “Saver” while Falling from a Plane!

I share this dream with you because the message was so beautiful.

las-vegas-sky-divingSkydiving Dream

Oh NO! I have No parachute!

I was skydiving with friends and family.  We all jumped out of the plane and I realized that I didn’t have a parachute on.  I looked around and tried to grab onto a friend, but they felt too skinny and not safe.

So I let go and looked for someone else.  

Wrapped in Strong Arms

I found myself wrapped in a man’s strong arms and was told to drop my phone and purse and to hold on tight.  I was so scared, but he talked me through it and reassured me he wouldn’t let me go.  He explained how we would land and that he would take the brunt of the fall.  I trusted him, knowing he knew what to do and I believed I would be OK.

We landed and all was well.

Rejoicing and Hoping Friend is OK

Then I found myself in my parents dining room.  It was all of us who had been skydiving, friends, family, etc.  talking about my experience and expressing our gratitude to my saver.

We were also waiting to hear if my friend, was going to land safely. (She also had just jumped from the plane without a parachute.)  Was she going to cling to her saver? Did she drop her phone, or would clinging to her phone instead of her saver risk her survival?  We were hoping she would arrive back home safely.


Suddenly the man who saved me walked in and I jumped up to embrace him, longing to feel the comfort and safety of his arms. The love I felt for him was immense. Pure childlike love and adoration. And he loved me just as intensely.  The connection we had made while falling together and his saving me from the fall, was powerful and eternal. We would never forget each other.

I suddenly realized he had saved my friend too and my love increased. I was just so full of love, gratitude and praise.

Everyone there understood my gratitude and rejoiced with me.

My saver was my Savior

I awoke from my dream and knew, this was a message dream.  I quickly understood that my saver was my savior.

I can still remember the feeling of his strong arms keeping me safe. Delivering me safely home. The peace I felt as I fell, knowing I was in his arms, knowing his parachute and experience and strength would save me.

This dream was so varying in emotions – fear, reassurance, comfort, rejoicing and PEACE.  If I close my eyes and remember I can still feel His arms around me.  I love that feeling of being encircled in the arms of Christ.  So powerful and reassuring.

Addictions – let them go!

Interestingly, I had been playing a brain training app almost obsessively on my phone for about 3-4 days before this dream.  While it was a brain training game and I was trying to justify my time playing it, it still was quickly becoming an addiction!  So I knew from this dream that I had to be willing to put down my phone (sacrifice) in order to stay connected to Jesus and my family.

So many of my dreams have warnings about addictions – typically media related, but also food, books etc.  We have to stay focused on what is really important (family, God, relationships) and often, media distracts us from that.

Here are some tips to help you let go of phone addictions.

I look forward to the time when I reunite with my Savior, rejoicing with family and friends as we all express gratitude for his Saving Power!

I have a gift of dreams.  I have a lot of interesting dreams, but some are more than just dreams.  Some have important messages.  I usually know when I wake up if I have had one of those dreams and I quickly write them down, and then pray and ask God what He wants me to learn from it.