Creating a Force Field

I learned about Energetic Force Fields when I took Hypnobabies Class and the very first tool we learned was Bubble of Peace.  This helped protect me against other’s negative energy about birth.

Well I have learned that we all need some sort of energetic force field to protect us from others energy throughout the day.  Even a grumpy person in the grocery line could affect us.

I now help the people I work with create energetic force fields.  Whatever works for you.  Armor, a shield, a force field or a bubble.  You get to make it just right for you.

I created this 7 minute MP3 to help you create your own force field.

I have had my boys create their own force fields.  So share with everyone in your family!

1 thought on “Creating a Force Field”

  1. This is awesome! I used this without knowing what I was doing, a year or two ago when my son was having a massive tantrum. It totally worked! Thank you for naming this and teaching it. 🙂

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