Eternal Warrior Online Class Starting next Thursday!

I have 2 spots left.  So if you are interested, check it out.

I know I have mentioned Eternal Warriors to you before.  I am starting up my class next week.  Here is the information.

If you want to take the class, could please register by Friday or Saturday, so I can send your journal out to you.
There will be the video classes which you can do on your own time (1 a week, and they are about 30 -45 minutes long)
I also am going to do 1 phone call a week (lasting 45 minutes).  I am trying to find the best time and day to do that.
Which is better for you?
Tuesday 9AM PST,
Tuesday 10AM PST
Wednesday 9AM PST
Wednesday AM PST
If you miss the call, it is OK, it will be recorded.