Find Success with Tiny SIPS Goals!

I loved Elder Dunn’s talk in October Conference called One Percent Change, he talked about the British Bike Team and how horrible they were for many, many years.  And how positive change only happened when they had someone come in who focused on making 1 percent changes at a time.  From how to put socks on correctly, to tuning their bikes a certain way.  These 1 percent changes over a very short time made them into a winning team. 

I want to you to harness the power of setting 1 Percent Change SIPS goals.

With SIPS standing for Spiritual, Intellectual/Mental, Physical and Social/Emotional Goals. 

So how can having 1 Percent goals help in these areas?

As Elder Dunn says, “every effort to change we make—no matter how tiny it seems to us—just might make the biggest difference in our lives.”

My prayer for you today is you walk away from this episode with 1 to 5 “1 percent – SIPS goals” that can help make changes you want in your life.