I really, really love this weeks podcast.

It was just what I needed to move into the new year with kindness to myself and a different perspective.

Perhaps some of you have already set your New Year’s intentions.

Even if you haven’t, that’s okay.

I know that you are often thinking of your hopes and dreams and desires for change or transformation.

And even if you haven’t spoken it out loud–it has already entered your heart.

And what I am here to tell you today is that what you project onto the future, is actually here now.

In this moment.

We’ve just come away from a wonderful holiday this all about a birth story.

I love birth stories.

But what we sometimes forget about Mary (and maybe all the women who’s stories we read) is that she didn’t become Jesus’ mother the moment of his birth.

He had to grow inside her, underneath her heart for 10 months, just like all babies get here.

Listen to the rest of this awesomeness from my friend Felice on this weeks podcast. 🙂

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