God Made it Clear I was to Call My Friend NOW!

“Sometimes the Lord Sends Me on Errands”

I’m going to try to find the Instagram post, that my friend LeMira shared about someone who stopped by her house and said, “Sometimes the Lord sends me on errands.” And left a little gift, I think for her son, and how touching that was to her.

Am I Open to the Errands God Wants Me to Do?

I think about that,

How often the Lord wants us to go do errands for Him and are we willing to go?

Are we open to hearing what errands it is He wants us to do?

And do we trust that He can create a space for us to do this?

I do want to do the Lord’s errands. And often I definitely feel as if the Lord is sending me on, an errand. And I love the idea of being able to say to somebody, sometimes the Lord sends me on errands and he sent me to you today.

I think that helps people to know that they are loved and that the Lord is thinking of them.

It’s not just ME thinking of Them. It was the Lord thinking of them.

It’s not just me thinking of them, but the Lord is thinking of them. . And how powerful is that to get that acknowledgement, that your prayers have been heard?

A Busy Day with No Time to Help

I want to share a simple example that happened to me about how the Lord can create space for us to do these errands, sometimes.

I had a friend reach out to me early on the morning of father’s day and needed some extra love.

And my father’s day was pretty full with father’s day stuff. And I texted her back. I said, I will pray for you today. My day is really full, but I can talk to you tomorrow. And she said, okay, that’s great. And we kind of texted back and forth a little bit.

And then I just got on about my day and had a really fun time with my husband and

two of the boys that were there and we had a nice day and then we were supposed to drive up to visit my father-in-law as a surprise. And we were gonna ride up together.

God Creates a Space and First I said, “Nope!”

What happened is that my one son’s car was broken and so he needed to be picked up. So we had to leave at a specific time to go pick him up and then make it in time for my father-in-law’s surprise.

And my other son wasn’t ready to go yet. So we had to take two cars and I said, okay, I’ll go pick up Carson, Rob, you take Bryson and Devon.

And as I’m leaving to drive to get Carson, it’s about a 30 minute drive.

God says to me, “Now’s your chance to call your friend?”

And I said, “oh, well, no, I’m gonna listen to a podcast.”

because that kind of was what my was in my mind. Right. I love how I was like, no, I’m not gonna do that.

God Made it Clear I was to Call My Friend NOW!

And God said to me again, so clearly,

“No, I created this space for you so that you can call your friend right now. She needs you.”

And I was like, oh, okay. The Lord is sending me on an errand. And I did. I called her.

She didn’t answer. So I just popped on my podcast and I was like, okay, well, I’ll listen. And I told her very specifically, I’m like, I have 30 minutes to talk. And then the rest of the day is, is packed. And she called back two minutes later and we had a great conversation. I was able to help her in a way that she needed help and she felt loved and she felt God’s love.

And I felt honored to be used by God that way.

It was not a time that I thought I would have that day to talk to her. It was really pretty much a jam packed full day, but I love how God created that space.

I love the feeling I get when I obey and serve that way.

Even with gas prices, being so much in a sense, we paid double the gas to get to where we needed to. And I could have been angry at my oldest son for being late and causing us to have to take two cars.

But instead I was able to rewrite that and see that, no, very clearly God didn’t give me that 30 minute drive so I could listen to a podcast. God gave me that 30 minute drive alone so I could call my friend.

I’m grateful that I listened. I’m grateful that he chastised me after. I was like, no, I’m gonna listen to a podcast instead that he’s like, Uhuh, you’re gonna call your friend.

And I am grateful for that. And I’m grateful that God does sometimes call me on errands.

And I love the feeling I get when I obey. And when I serve him in that way.

Boundaries are Okay Too!

I also know it’s okay to have healthy boundaries. and I am glad that I set those in that morning where I’m like, I really don’t have time to talk to today, but I also love that God knew that she needed me that day.

So He created that space.

What Errand Can You Go On for The Lord This Week?

So what errand can you go on for the Lord this week?

And can you ask him to create that space?

If you have a crazy crazy week, can you ask him to create that space or create an errand, that is simple enough. It will only take you a minute or two to do.

Sometimes people only need a text or a quick phone message to know that they are loved.

Sometimes they might need much more, but often just those little things can make a big difference.

I’d love to hear what errand the Lord sends you on this week. And also I think sometimes it’s really cool when you tell the other person that the Lord sent you on that errand for them.

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