“Good Job Me!” and other Helpful Sayings

Using Words to Encourage

Today’s topic is using words to encourage yourself. I find that I say to myself, “good job “me quite often throughout the day, it can be something very silly. Like I did the dishes. I’m like good job me. Or I spoke kindly to my children. Good job me.

I used to be stuck in negative self talk!

I didn’t used to always do this. In fact, I used to have a lot of very negative self talk and it was when I was between my freshman and sophomore year of college that I delve really deep into the importance of our thoughts.

I listened to Anthony Robins. I did a bunch of self-help classes and books, and really that changed my life in the trajectory of. How I talked to myself, which then changed how my life turned out. I think, so it, isn’t always easy to even recognize how we’re speaking to ourselves, but we do often speak unkindly to ourselves and definitely would say things to ourselves that we would never say to anyone else.

Certainly not to our friends. And we should treat ourself as well or better than we treat our friends. One way to do this is really to speak kindly.

It is our Saboteurs that tear us down.

It is our saboteurs inside of us that come up with all kinds of negative thoughts and speaking to ourself with. And saboteurs are something I’ve learned about in my positive intelligence coach training.

Learn your top saboteurs with a free quiz and phone call.

And I actually have a quiz that you can take where you can learn about what your top saboteurs are and how they tend to sabotage you.

And I found that with this training, that the students that I have going through my first PQ pod are able to better recognize when these voices are coming up and intercept those saboteurs and change the words that they’re saying to themselves to using their Sage power and their self command muscles to change how they speak to themselves.

Positive Intelligence can help you to learn to intercept the saboteurs

And I think it’s very powerful and also very quick because it took me a whole summer of learning and practicing and then years after to really get good at speaking kindly to myself. What I love about positive intelligence is it’s like a seven week boot camp where you really focus intensely throughout the day.

Short periods of time. Just two minutes here and there throughout the day, to recognize your saboteurs, to use self command, to turn on your Sage brain and change the way you’re talking to yourself. As well as so many other things I can help you with, but today I’m talking about how we talk to ourselves.

If you want to know how you can find out about your top saboteurs, go ahead and check the show notes and I’ll leave a link on how you can access this saboteur test and find out for yourself.

And then also if you want a 15 minute appointment to talk about how you can recognize your saboteurs and how you can help to intercept them. So that link will be in the show notes.

Having a Go To Phrase can help to change your negative thought loop

So let’s talk about some ways that you can change what you say to yourself. And I think having one or two go-to phrases to change any negative thoughts into positive is very powerful.

“Good Job Me!”

So for instance, you could try “good job me”. Just say that to yourself. The next time you do something, even if it’s very tiny say good job, I did it. And congratulate yourself like with pat on the back. Sometimes even like literally a fist pump, “good job me” like, yeah. And it’s funny how, even this little thing, like adding that movement, saying those words can really help you celebrate the little wins that you’re having throughout the day and notice them more and more.

I’ll offer one other positive thought that you can try when you’re struggling with something or when you’re unsure to try something. You’re like, uh, I don’t know if I can do it.

“I’ve Got This!” or “We’ve Got This!”

Try saying “I’ve got this, I’ve got this.” Or if you wanna rely on your faith, you can say something like “we’ve got this.” I like to think

of Jesus, right by my side, when I have to do something hard and think “We’ve got this,”

and I imagine Him standing there, like, “yeah, we can do this together.”

So I’ve got this or we’ve got, this can give you that little, umph, to move forward, take that little step forward.

And then you’ll find once you have the momentum, it’s easier and easier to do.

From Getting the Dishes Done – to Bigger Challenges…

Even going back to doing the dishes. Sometimes it’s the end of the day. I’m tired. I don’t want to do them. And I have to really kind of be like, I’ve got this, I’ve got this and I’ll do it. I’ll do the dishes. And I’ll be like, good job me. So it’s all this little self talk, tiny little phrases that help me to be successful throughout my day in the small things,

and in the big things.

I know that you too can harness these thoughts and just changing one little thought at a time can help. And having those go-to phrases can really be beneficial. So take a minute and write down.

“Good job me”

” I’ve got this”,

or “We’ve got this”

and post it somewhere that you can see it and practice saying it to yourself throughout the day.

Link to find your top saboteurs!

Here is how you can find out your top saboteurs

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Learn about how intercepting them can help change your life.