How Qi Gong Changed Me from and Exercise Hater to an Exercise Lover!

I didn’t used to like to exercise

Today. I want to talk about Qi Gong how it has changed my life.

I have never been an exerciser. It has been something that I’ve always kind of struggled with. Like I want to be healthy and fit. However, I don’t love most forms of exercise.

Once someone said, maybe you would like Tai Chi and I thought, oh, maybe I don’t know.

And I sort of looked into it, but it didn’t really resonate with me. And then somehow I found out about QiGong and signed up for an online class with Sifu Anthony who has a website called flowing Zen. And I took a year long course called Qigong 1 0 1 and I loved it.

Now, thanks to Qi Gong, I love to exercise!

I realize I do like to exercise, especially when it’s done in this very gentle, yet powerful and balanced way. And honestly, I have done Qigong daily for probably at least four years now. I think I’ve missed one day.

One of the reasons why is because Sifu Anthony explains that really you can do this in micro, tiny goals.

Basically, I committed to do three minutes of Qi Gong every day, and that’s very doable. So I don’t have to miss a day. It’s so easy and so fast.

I often do more than that. I’d say most days I probably do it for about. 10 to 12 minutes a day.

And then maybe once a week, I’ll do a 25 minute set.

Benefits in just minutes a day!

But for the most part, I just do a few minutes a day. However, it has helped with my flexibility. It has helped with my strength. It has helped with my mind body spirit connection, and just being aware of like how I’m even standing, which before I wasn’t that aware of my body.

So to me, it really has been a revolutionary exercise program that has changed my life. And I have recommended it to many friends and many of them have actually signed up and done his program as well and enjoyed it. So I wanted to let you know, he’s starting Qi Gong 2 0 1 in the next few weeks. I will put a link in the show notes where you could get more information about this.

For Qigong 2 0 1. He wants you to have some martial arts experience and explains what you would need to have on that page. However, you can also sign up for some easier introductory classes as well. That can kind of give you a taste of what Qigong is like.

I love how it intergrates the Body, Mind and Spirit

I love how it really integrates my body minded spirit into the exercises and especially that Sifu Anthony gives permission, I guess you will say to just do three minutes a day, or even really less than that, if that’s what works for you. So for me, very friendly, very easy to do, and I love it. I love Qi Gong for sure. Sometimes I toy with the idea of getting trained to teach it however.

Here is how you can learn!

He’s such a good teacher. I think you just go with him and it’s all online. So it’s easy to do it no matter where you are. So this is my tip for today. Try out Qigong check the link in the show notes. I’ll link to both the 2 0 1 class information as well as how you can get just some introductory information about Qigong.

Sign up for Qi Gong 201 here.


Sign up for Sifu Anthony’s free introductory classes here.