38. have you found an amazing team for your personal success?

What teams do you have in your life?  

Do you have too many?

Not enough?

Let’s talk about the power of teams, why do we need them, how do we create them? 

We are not meant to survive on this earth on our own.

I think this is one of the hardest parts of COVID-19. 

We are isolated. 

Our normal support systems may have been decimated. 

Or even if we are back at school or church, people are wearing masks and not interacting as much as they used to. 

Let’s look at three different types of teams you can create.

Heavenly Team

  • God
  • Jesus
  • angels
  • prayer groups

because you call on heavenly help together

This is where doing your daily spiritual routine is so powerful.  When I take time each morning to do my MPoWeR (meditation, prayer, writing and reading) it connects me with my heavenly team.

I also love having a prayer group I can text anytime I feel I or someone I love needs prayers.  I also love praying for them.  It is powerful to have a team calling on heavenly help together!

Personal Teams (a team you create)

  • family
  • church friends
  • work friends
  • walking buddies
  • book clubs
  • neighbors
  • coaching partners

It is important to choose teams that uplift you and help you. 

Helping each other is an important part of a team. 

Sometimes it is healthier to not be a part of a team, if they are not lifting you up.

Professional Teams (a team you pay for)

  • soul seed
  • classes
  • coaching groups
  • therapists

This last year I have had a business coaching team – soul seed which has helped me with my business.  I had a team that helped me write and publish my book.  I also pay for life coaching. 

There is a time and place for all of these types of teams, for instance this year I definitely don’t need a book writing team, but maybe need a book marketing team. 

Honestly for me I like to have all 3 types of teams! 

And sometimes multiple of them.  I have in the past been in 3 different book clubs simultaneously.  Since COVID-19 I haven’t been in any and I miss it so much, so am hoping to start a zoom one this year. 

Take a moment and pause and evaluate. 

What teams do you have right now?

Do you need more or maybe less? 

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