Have you ever set a seemingly impossible goal?

Then you told everyone about it….

Then you realized, “Oh crap, now I have to DO it!?”

Join as I celebrate with my family and friends, the accomplishment of a goal I set in January, to write the true story of when my 16-year-old was kidnapped in Mexico and the miracles that brought him home safely.

My goal had a hard deadline of November 11th, 2020. That is the 6 year anniversary of what we like to call the Mexico Miracle.

I had so many people help me achieve the goal, but a lot of it fell on me.

Writing, editing, editing, editing and more editing.

Mind you, I don’t really enjoy any of those things…

Luckily I had a great team backing me up and we got it done.

The Mexico Miracle went live on November 11th and it also became a best seller in multiple categories on Amazon the same day!

I recorded our virtual book launch celebration, so you can enjoy the party too!

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