Learning From Past Experiences Can Help You Lower Expectations and Find More Peace

This week I share the importance of learning from past mistakes and how it can lead to lowering expectations for oneself. This is a valuable lesson that can be applied to various aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal hobbies.

Last summer I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed during my busy summer and it made me realize the importance of taking a break to prioritize family time this summer.

What is coming up for you this summer? If you are feeling overwhelmed by some things, here are some good questions.

  1. Is this essential to do?
    1. Could someone else do it?
  2. If you need to do it, is there a past experience you can learn from to help you do it differently this time?
  3. In what ways can I lower my expectations?
  4. Make a choice to make it more manageable AND create an affirmation to help!

Here is what I am choosing to do –

  1. Take a break from social media and podcasting for two months to focus on family time.
  2. Lower expectations for oneself to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed. If I choose to post replays to fill the 2 month gap, I am not going to edit them to have a new intro… I may just add a 15 second intro in front of the old one. This way I may actually have time and energy to do this.
  3. Create affirmations to help. I am actually using the one from Carson’s wedding. Staying flexible, calm and present helps me enjoy the day.