A Simple Spiritual Routine to Start Your Day Off Strong!

Today we are going to be talking about MPOWERS. This is what I did my first podcast about and it’s funny going back and listening to it Now I’m kind of embarrassed by the sound quality and how I edited it, but we all have to start somewhere. The reason why I started with MPOWERS is because I think it’s the most important thing to have, which is a morning routine.

So I’m going to briefly touch on my MPOWERS and tell you some ways that you can easily create some simple ones for yourself.

Free MPoWeR Class

Also, I want you to know that I have a free class that I offer to my newsletter subscribers on MPOWERS and creating these daily spiritual routines. It is free. It is much more detailed than this podcast is going to be, and all you have to do is go to sheridanripley.com and sign up for my newsletter and you will get access to it.

So let’s jump right in.


MPower starts with the letter M. The M stands for me. Meditating is something that is so important because it gets our mind, body, and spirit aligned and into a more peaceful spot, which then allows the rest of our day to go so much smoother. Also, when we have a daily meditation practice, even if it’s only one to three minutes a day, we are practicing feeling that peaceful feeling, which allows us to easily harness that in the midst of our busy days..

I am completely serious when I say that meditating for only one minute a day can make a difference. Even just one breath a day can make a change, and I really tried to teach, especially in my MPOWER Class, that you can create a routine that. Is just a matter of five minutes out of your day, that will set you up for great success.

So just know that meditating for a minute a day can make a difference, or even a breath a day can make a difference. I’m not gonna dive deeper into this because you can go sign up for my free class, and if you really wanna dive deeper, I definitely go into it more there.


The next letter, P stands for prayer and praying each morning is so important.

I feel like when we sleep, our mind, body and spirit get a little disconnected. Maybe we have a crazy dream or who knows, but by praying and meditating, I do it together. I meditate and then I pray is how I usually do it. But this praying is intentionally connecting to your higher source. For me, that’s God and making sure that.

We’re on the same page. I want to have this connection, and doing it in the morning is so important. I used to be so good at praying at night, but rarely did in the morning, especially when I had little kids, and you’d kind of just get up and be in the thick of it. But once I learned the importance of morning prayer, I never miss a morning even again.

If it’s just one minute in the shower, I will pray. Usually it’s longer and it’s not in the shower, but I’m thinking of we have a trip coming up soon and we have a flight that leaves at 6:00 AM so you can bet that morning I’ll be doing a prayer in the shower if I even take a shower, and if I don’t, I’ll be doing a prayer while we’re driving there like you can pray.

It doesn’t have to be the perfect scenario. Even just a tiny prayer can make a difference.

Floor and Ceiling Goals

Again, I’m all about floor and ceiling goals. Whenever I have goals like this, I have a floor level, which is the lowest level, a one minute prayer in the shower and a ceiling level, which for me is a five minute prayer.

I used to set my timer for five minutes and try and pray for five minutes, and that’s a good way to have these floor and ceiling goals. But again, knowing that even if I just do the floor goal, it counts and it’s better than nothing at all.


The next letter is O, which stands for other or optional, because I really want everyone to have the M, P, W, and R before they add the O and the E.

Your other could really be anything you want to be working on. For me, it stands for others, and I just take a minute each morning to think about what’s something I can do for someone else. And it’s often as simple as just sending a text or. Writing down on my to-do list, something that I think of that I need to do that day.

But for you, it can be whatever you want it to be or nothing at all.

Writing in Journal

The next letter is W, and this stands for writing in your journal. And again, it does not have to be something very long. Honestly, when I don’t have long, I’ll just write one of my favorite Affirm. Right now one of my favorite affirmations is I love feeling healthy, fit, and strong, I will write that and that can count as my journal writing for the day.

That again, is my floor goal. My ceiling goal is I actually have some other things I like to write about, and when I really have time, I’ll actually write a letter to God and I’ll link to a podcast episode about that. But it’s like writing out a prayer and then pausing and writing down the answer that you receive.

[00:05:47] Extra

The next letter is E. This stands for extra. Again, this is an extra goal. If you have already gotten down your M P W R, then go ahead and add another goal. For me, right now, my extra is exercise and I do QiGong each morning. That’s my favorite mode of exercising and I really love it I have a floor of one minute and my ceiling is 15 minutes, but usually I tend to do about five to 10 minutes of QiGong each morning.


And the last letter is R, and this stands for reading. It could be reading the scriptures, it could be reading any inspirational thing for you. . I think that this is so important because again, it’s something that will get your day set off on a good foot by having something positive in your mind. And again, you can have a floor.

My floor is one verse is my floor of scripture reading and my ceiling. Again, would be five minutes studying my timer for five minutes and studying. Sometimes I’ll definitely get more into it and study longer, especially if I have time, but I always do at least one verse each morning.

That is a very simple look at my MPOWER morning routine.

Tracking Tools!

And again, I encourage you to go ahead and sign up for my newsletter if you want to delve deeper into this. and have some good tracking tools that I share in there. And actually, I definitely want to share this. My most favorist tracking tool, which is called Streaks, I think it’s only available on Apple products.

I do have a podcast episode where I reviewed four different tracking methods, tracking apps, and the pros and cons. So I will link to that, especially in case you have an Android phone, but the Streaks app does cost, I think $5 forever, and it’s awesome. I love it so much, but you also can track things, paper and pen.

It’s just definitely something that I have found that when I track something, I actually do it. I can’t wait to hear how you create your MPOWERS and what they look like and how they help you.