Which of these 4 Habit Trackers is Best for Creating Change?

I was using productive and used to recommend that one.

But now it requires a subscription.  Which is irritating, because I paid for a full version, which is still working on my old phone, but I upgraded to a new phone and on that one the app wants me to create an online account and pay to have the full version. 

No thanks, I already paid for it and won’t pay a monthly fee that is more than I originally paid.

So, I set off on a quest to find a new app.

I found 3 others and used them all for 2 weeks. 

1 is completely free called HabitShare. 

It is easy to set up and the cool thing is you can share with your friends what goals you are working on, so you can help encourage each other.  You get to choose which goals you want to share.  There is some flexibility in how you set your goals etc.

It is very basic looking and not very rewarding when you mark things off.  It sort of feels like a paper list, with just words for the goals and a check mark.

For the price of FREE it is a good option if that is your budget.

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The next one is called Henry: Habits and Mood tracker

This one cost a few dollars – onetime fee.

It is easy to set up.

You can pick icons to represent your goals

It comes with tips on setting habits

How to be successful, etc

There is a bit of gamification, you can earn different trophies and themes as you make progress.

I love that you can track your mood with your habits.  This can help you see what is really making a difference.

You can set reminders and see your streaks. 

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STREAKS is my favorite!

This is my favorite… you will have to listen to the episode to learn all the reasons why.  ?

But here are a few reasons –

SO visually pleasing

Easy to set up and organize

Also I love the sounds and feeling I get when I say habit is done

Also you can share things with others

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