Wait, I’m a CEO?

Today I wasn’t sure what to title my podcast.

It was either going to be,

Wait. I am a CEO?


Yes, I am a CEO!

So let me just dive into this topic.

I’ve spoken often of the importance of our words

and I want to share a huge shift I’m going through with my business in regards to my words.

CEO Giving Gala

A few months ago, I signed up to be a sponsor of the CEO giving gala that’s coming up in the end of November.

I felt really inspired to donate to this giving gala, knowing that my donation would help to support the Exodus Road in fighting human trafficking around the globe.

And that’s a really meaningful thing for me to donate to, because it hits close to home in, knowing that could have happened to Devon when he was kidnapped in Mexico.

It is possible that had he not escaped, that he may have ended up in a situation like that.

So definitely I felt inspired to donate, because of that experience that we had with Devon.

Huge Mind Shift!

Since I’m one of the sponsors, they asked me to send a video of me explaining why it’s important to me to be a generous CEO.

In making this video, I called myself a CEO.

I don’t think I’ve ever called myself that before.

I tend to really downplay what I do.

My husband is a COO of a company and when people ask what I do,

if they even ask what I do, because sometimes they just ask what he does.

I usually just say I’m a life coach, which I am.

But in reality, I am a CEO,

I am also a CFO,

and I am definitely a CTO.

I’ve learned so much in the past 15 years of running a company.


So I am the CEO of Enjoy Birth, and I am the CEO of Enjoy Life, and I love it.

Try asking me in the future, “What do you do?”

And I will proudly reply. I am the CEO of Enjoy Life. I’m a podcaster, author, life coach, and mentor.

My energy has started to shift around my work since I really embraced that.

I know that words make a difference. I had just never thought to call myself a CEO before.

I love that Janelle, the part-time CEO. She has a great podcast you can listen to, and she and her team are supporting me in this transition to seeing myself as a CEO and I can’t wait to see where it leads me and my business.

I know it will be definitely towards a greater ability to serve others with my gifts and talents, and I look forward to that.

Come to the Gala

Get a ticket to the CEO Giving Gala.

It’s online, so no matter where you are, you can participate.

You don’t have to be a CEO to attend. It is definitely geared towards entrepreneurs, but anyone can attend and it is for a great cause.

You can find more information at www.ceogivinggala.com

You are a CEO too!

I want you to think about what is it that you.

What do you say when someone says, What do you do?

And think about if there is a more powerful word you can use or a more confident way you can express what it is you do.

I would love to hear what words you choose.