Where to Get Fuel When You Are Running on Empty

Do you sometimes feel like you’re running on empty with only your power?

You have gotten so far with your power, but it has run out and you realize,

  • my kids are not going to fuel me up
  • my spouse cannot fuel me up.

And certainly you can make some choices like fueling yourself with rest and food and affirmations, but sometimes you just need something more.

I know for me there are times when I feel drained or overwhelmed or lonely, and I just feel like I can’t go on. I don’t have the power. I’m on empty.

And at those moments, I turn to Jesus. That is who can fuel me all the time.

Maybe you have a different source: God, Elohim, Universe. Whatever that is for you, just know that you can turn to something bigger and brighter than you.

I imagine Jesus standing there behind me, backing me up!  And when I don’t have or feel the love that I know I need to give to my child in that moment, I literally will ask Jesus to pour His love into me.

Then it can go out through me. So I almost imagine my head opening and love getting poured down into my head, going through my body, and then coming out of my heart to my child.

It’s not my love because my love is empty, but it’s Jesus’ love going out to them. And this has refueled me many times. and has helped me through challenging situations with my children. When I have nothing left to give, I can be refueled by a higher being.

I love that He’s there to help me, that He loves my kids. I know that He loves my kids even more than I do, and that can help me to refuel.

And the crazy thing is, is that usually when I’m done feeling His love flowing through me and out to them, I usually do feel more fueled.

That’s one of the things I do on my own to refuel myself.

So if you have a moment this week where you’re struggling and where you’re just feeling empty and have nothing left to give, go ahead and call upon a higher power and ask to be filled with their love so you can share their love instead of having nothing to give.