I am so excited for my next Eternal Warrior Class to start.

Eternal Warriors Class Helps You Win!

We all have daily personal battles we fight.

Warrior Chemistry- One of Many Tools You Will Learn About
Just One of Many Tools You Will Learn About
  • Cooking dinner
  • Staying calm when our kids are crazy
  • Addictions to Facebook. 😉
  • Struggling to do the “Sunday School” answers, like read the scriptures and pray every day.  We know we should do, on a daily basis, but we often don’t.
  • Losing our temper.
  • Fill in the Blank ____________________

Learn powerful tools to win these battles.

  • Increased Spiritual, Biochemical and Emotional Discernment
  • Endurance to make sure our Heart/Mind/Spirits are strong enough to withstand temptation.
  • Skills to be prepared to respond quickly and powerfully.

Details of April Class Options

Wednesday Class Monday Class
Days: Wednesday April 15th – June 3rd Days: Monday April 20th – June 15th
Time: 9:30-11:30 AM Time: 9:00-11:00 AM
Location: Nellie Gail Ranch (La Paz and 5) Location: Rancho Santa Margarita
Cost:  $200 (includes cost of materials) Cost:  $200 (includes cost of materials)

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Eternal Warrior Classes can Help YOU!

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This class changed my life! I am so grateful for what I learned and the wonderful tools I received to grow and become a better version of myself. I learned how to recognize some of the things the adversary uses to make me addicted to “worldly” things and distract me from what is really important. I learned how to become a more disciplined person and how to better achieve my goals. Thanks to this class I am much better at constantly reading the scriptures, saying my prayers, writing in my journal and making good goals in my life that keep me happy and closer to God.

Brooke –

Eternal Warriors class has surprised me each week with powerful solutions to combating negative, discouraging thoughts and habits. I have not been this consistent in attempting to have more of the spirit in my life through prayer and pondering since my seminary days as a youth.  It’s been a goal of mine for years to write in a journal, and this class has finally helped me achieve that, and enjoy it as well!  I believe anyone can benefit from this instruction.  It has given me such great visualization tools and models to help me fight Satan and darkness.

Kim –

I love the Eternal Warriors class. Each and every week I have learned something that has strengthened me both physically and spiritually. I feel that I am learning to be a more powerful person as I have applied the principles and action plans and set goals taught within this program. I look forward to what I am going to learn or be awakened to with each class session. Sheridan is a great teacher and facilitator of a much needed class!!

Tracine –

We’ve all seen that object lesson with the walnuts (or other large objects) and the rice (or other small objects). If we put the walnuts first… We can fit all the rice. I’ve always believed this principle, but until the [eternal warriors] class, I never had anything beyond, “yea I believe that’s true” to actually put the principle into practice. I’ve never been consistent with my daily prayers and scripture study. With this class, I’ve got that down and am now more confident that I can master other tasks, create healthy habits, and battle addiction forming behaviors. It’s incredibly powerful. The curriculum coupled with the support from other moms all with different parenting circumstances has been great.

Loralie –

I’m currently taking an LDS class called “Mothers Who Know” that has really helped strengthen my mind and spirit to win against the attacks of Satan. It’s sort of a training program designed to instill the power and tools needed to override temptations and possible addictions for yourself and your families. We are learning to be powerful Mom Warriors! To fight for things that are important to us and our families.


We have several goals that we are all working on and keeping daily track of including: Prayer morning and night, daily meditation, Writing in a journal every day, and Reading scriptures every day. Now can I just say that I had underestimated the power of doing these things on a consistent basis. I mean, this is nothing new and I have done these things in the past, but maybe not all of them, all at the same time and every day.


One of the moms has a goal to reduce her time spent on facebook because she noticed it didn’t make her feel good about herself and was a time sucker. So she deleted the facebook app on her phone and put the scriptures app there instead, in that same place. Now when she is somewhere with a few minutes to look at her phone, and the habit is to check facebook, she is reading the scriptures instead. This may seem like a small change but I think it has eternal benefits. There is power in the word of God and it can offer us a protection against the adversary.

Get an Early Bird Discount

Sign up by April 1st you get a $50 discount.

Use Coupon Code Early Bird – then you have to click on the class you want and it will show the discount.

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