This is a continuation of our journey to Journey. It is a post I originally wrote 4 years ago.

Smile With A TwistCreative Commons License photo credit: Ian Sane

Friday we stopped by our local public school to see which teachers the big boys got.

Thing 1 got Mrs. R and his best friend K is in his class! Apparently they had so many GATE kids that they made 2 classes and he is in one of the GATE classes. That is great, as we were trying to get him into GATE, but his test scores were skewed by his slow processing speed.

Thing 2 has Mrs. S from last year. If he stays at this school, that is great, because she is a wonderful teacher.

We don’t know if there is a spot in the Waldorf school yet.

He and I are going tomorrow to sit in the class and check it out. We should know by Tuesday if there is a spot. This way we will know for sure if we want it.

Thing 3 has a spot for him in the Kindergarten class and I am 99% sure he will be going there. It is just a matter of meeting the teachers on Tues or Wed and getting the papers filled out. I just feel a bit in limbo until we know for sure what is going on with everyone.

But I have gathered information, fasted and prayed and my intuitions says that the Waldorf school could be a great fit for our kids and family. If Thing 2 is meant to be there a spot will be open for him. If not, then maybe next year!


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