This is a continuation of our journey to Journey.  It is a post I originally wrote 4 years ago.

Call me crazy, but really just know that I am doing what I feel is best for my boys – T2 and T3 are going to the Waldorf Charter School.

T2 went yesterday for his “sit in”

He spent the day in the class so he could see if it was a good fit.  When I parked to drop him off I saw a man “loitering” in the parking lot.  I was wondering who he was.  He ended up being the school administrator who was very kind.  I think he is out there welcoming everyone each morning.

Everyone is super nice.  I think because it is such a small school 220 kids instead of 1200 kids, new kids are noticed and welcomed warmly.

After dropping him off I walked around the campus a bit and just felt really good about the fit for T2.  I saw Julie, who is over enrollment and she said they do have a spot for him!  I told her we would let her know after T2 had his day there.  I went to pick him up and met another mom of a new 5th grader.  She is driving over an hour to get there, compared to my 20 min!  No more complaining from me.  (maybe)

T2 loved it.

He loved the Games (PE), he loved the math, the smallness of the school, recess, the stories.  I asked if he wanted to go there, he said 99.99999% sure!  I told them there was a spot and he was so happy.

While we were driving home he got very quiet.  After a few minutes he said, “The only sad thing is I won’t be with Mrs. S. again.”  We were both so excited that she was going to be his teacher again.

We talked about how lucky he was he did get to be with her for one great year and that she would be happy for him finding this new school. (It really is a great fit for him.)  She were honestly the only teacher that T2 has liked so far in his school career and we appreciate so much all she did for him!

T2 is there today for his second day.  He better still like it because I told our old school he isn’t coming back. :)

T3 hasn’t started yet.

I need to meet with the Kindergarten teachers, so they can see which class will be the best fit for him (I love how they honor each child as an individual)  and I imagine he will start Monday.

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