But, it is OK to do Energy Work?

You learned how I got interested in energy healing, earlier in the week.

Does Energy Work fit into Christianity?

I wanted to see if energy work fit into my Christian Beliefs.  A few weeks after my experience I went to a baby shower and started talking to someone and Energy Work came up.  She was Mormon too and I asked her if it was “OK”.  She recommended the book called Remembering Wholeness.  I got it right away and read it.  I quickly realized energy work was a tool that God has given to us to help us in our lives.  She specifically talks about EFT, so that was my introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique.    I got many books and watched videos and learned how to do things on my own and also found a chiropractor who helps with releasing energy issues too.

I have since learned many different modalities, each that I have learned was created by someone inspired by God.

I love this artist's depiction.  http://www.alyoung.com/art/work-hem.html
I love this artist’s depiction. http://www.alyoung.com/art/work-hem.html

Energy Healing and the Gospel

Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and healthy and be able to function at our highest good. However He knows that our mortal body has presented us with challenges and has given us information and tools to help us function at our best.

There are many energy healing modalities in the world. The ones I have learned have all been created by people who were inspired by God to do so.  All healing comes through the power of Christ’s Atonement.  I love the story of the Woman with the Issue of Blood.  Her faith is so inspirational.

There is a great talk by Dallin Oaks on Healing the Sick. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2010/04/healing-the-sick?lang=eng

He talks about Medical Science, Prayer and Blessings.

Science and Prayer combined.

“The use of medical science is not at odds with our prayers of faith and our reliance on priesthood blessings. When a person requested a priesthood blessing, Brigham Young would ask, “Have you used any remedies?” To those who said no because “we wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed,” President Young replied: “That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation, I might as well ask the Lord to cause my wheat and corn to grow, without my plowing the ground and casting in the seed. It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge, and [then] to ask my Father in Heaven … to sanctify that application to the healing of my body.”1

Energy Healing modalities are a remedy that may be new to some people. I feel like it combines energetic science and prayer. I have chosen to develop the gifts of muscle testing and energy work and use them to help others more easily access the healing power of God’s love.

I am not using any power greater than intention or prayer. We all have the right to pray and ask for help. With muscle testing and energy work we are able to be VERY specific in the intentions and I feel that is one reason it is so powerful.

Priesthood Blessings

Priesthood Blessings are wonderful and I think a necessary part of healing. I would assume that most LDS people that come to me for an issue have already gotten a Priesthood Blessing. If not, I highly suggest you do.

What I do has nothing to do with the Priesthood. I liken what I do to asking someone to pray for you. I am just much more specific in that prayer than most people would be. With muscle testing you can be very specific with the items your body tells me to release, or work on.